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Redefining online education

Mobile Ed courses provide formal biblical instruction akin to a Bible college or seminary experience. Learning takes place in an innovative mobile learning environment. The professor speaks directly to you. It’s a personal one-on-one tutorial.

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Personalized instruction from leading scholars

The Mobile Ed faculty are experts in their fields, and are dedicated to equipping the church for ministry. The one-on-one format eliminates the classroom-management overhead. The short segments supports flexible schedules and more focused learning. Video tutorials show how to do the same Bible study yourself using your digital library, preparing you to study on your own.

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Courses that benefit your ministry

Mobile Ed courses cover every subject area in seminary: Bible, theology, original languages, interpretation, church history, counseling, and practical ministry.

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Education where you are

Mobile Ed courses stay with you. Your notes, books, graphics, and screencast tutorials are always there when you need them.