AP101 Introducing Apologetics Bobby Conway Pre‑order
AP113 Objections to the Gospels Michael R. Licona Buy Now
AP120 Introducing Covenantal Apologetics I: Foundations K. Scott Oliphint Buy Now
AP121 Introducing Covenantal Apologetics II: Applications K. Scott Oliphint Buy Now
AP211 Show and Tell: Apologetics in the Postmodern Context Jim Belcher Buy Now
AP221 Apologetics in an Urban Context Carl F. Ellis, Jr. Buy Now
AP371 A Biblical Response to Homosexuality Sean McDowell Coming Soon


AR101 Archaeology in Action: Biblical Archaeology in the Field Logos Mobile Education Pre‑order
AR151 AR151 Archaeology in Action: Jesus and Archaeology Craig A. Evans Pre‑order

Biblical Interpretation

BI100 Learn to Study the Bible Darrell L. Bock Buy Now
BI101 Introducing Biblical Interpretation: Contexts and Resources Michael S. Heiser Buy Now
BI103 Principles of Bible Interpretation Craig S. Keener Buy Now
BI111 Typological Hermeneutics: Finding Christ in the Whole Bible Peter J. Leithart Pre‑order
BI131 Introducing Literary Interpretation Jeannine K. Brown Buy Now
BI161 Problems in Bible Interpretation: Difficult Passage I Michael S. Heiser Pre‑order
BI171 Problems in Bible Interpretation: Why do Christians Disagree about End Times? Michael S. Heiser Coming Soon
BI181 Introducing Bible Translations Mark L. Strauss Buy Now
BI190 The Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament: Methodology and Practice Jeannine K. Brown Buy Now
BI201 The Story of the Bible Michael W. Goheen Buy Now
BI205 Old Testament Exegesis Jason DeRouchie Coming Soon
BI206 New Testament Exegesis Andy Naselli Coming Soon
BI260 Interpreting New Testament Genres William W. Klein Buy Now
BI271 Interpreting New Testament Narrative: Studies and Methods Jeannine K. Brown Buy Now
BI290 A Biblical Theology of End Times Jon Paulien Buy Now
BI291 The Apocrypha: Witness Between the Testaments David A. deSilva Buy Now
BI301 A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God Nicholas Perrin Pre‑order
BI304 Women in the Biblical World: Old Testament Mark Chavalas Coming Soon
BI306 Women in the Biblical World: New Testament Mark Chavalas Coming Soon
BI311 A Biblical Theology of Glory and Exodus Erika Moore Coming Soon
BI312 A Biblical Theology of Redemption: Themes and Interpretation Erika Moore Coming Soon
BI314 Matthew’s Use of the Old Testament: Kingdom and Christology Jeannine K. Brown Coming Soon
BI351 History of Biblical Interpretation: Second Temple Judaism through the Reformation Gerald L. Bray Buy Now
BI352 History of Biblical Interpretation: Seventeenth Century to the Present Gerald L. Bray Buy Now
BI390 Biblical Sexual Ethics David Instone-Brewer Buy Now

Church History

CH101 Introducing Church History I: Obscurity to Christendom Frank A. James III Buy Now
CH102 Introducing Church History II: Reformation to Postmodernism Frank A. James III Buy Now
CH151 Introducing Historical Theology I: Apostles to the Reformation Roger Olson Pre‑order
CH152 Introducing Historical Theology II: Luther to the Twenty-First Century Roger Olson Pre‑order
CH201 Historical Theology: Patristic George Kalantzis Coming Soon
CH221 Milestones of the Protestant Reformation Jennifer McNutt Pre‑order
CH241 The History of Christianity in the United States Chris Armstrong Coming Soon


CM100 Basic History of Preaching Gary Carr Buy Now
CM101 Basic Elements of Preaching: An Introduction to Homiletics Gary Carr Buy Now
CM102 Invitation to Biblical Preaching I: Theological, Historical, and Pragmatic Reasons for Preaching J. Kent Edwards Buy Now
CM103 Invitation to Biblical Preaching II: Preaching Biblical Sermons J. Kent Edwards Buy Now
CM104 Introducing Biblical Preaching: Preach with Depth J. Kent Edwards Coming Soon
CM151 Preparing and Delivering Christ-Centered Sermons I: Foundations and Structures Bryan Chapell Buy Now
CM152 Preparing and Delivering Christ-Centered Sermons II: Communicating a Theology of Grace Bryan Chapell Buy Now
CM153 Preparing and Delivering Christ-Centered Sermons III: Advanced Techniques and Thought Bryan Chapell Pre‑order
CM210 Preaching Biblical Narrative J. Kent Edwards Coming Soon
CM313 Preaching Judges Kenneth C. Way Pre‑order
CM328 Preaching the Psalms Mark D. Futato Buy Now
CM333 Preaching Proverbs Tremper Longman III Coming Soon
CM382 Preaching Ephesians Con Campbell Coming Soon


CO101 Introducing Pastoral Counseling I: Theory and Practice Eric L. Johnson Buy Now
CO102 Introducing Pastoral Counseling II: Examples in Application Eric L. Johnson Buy Now
CO105 Introducing Christian Counseling: A Worldview Approach Dan Zink Coming Soon
CO107 Introducing Biblical Counseling: The History of Counseling Ian Jones Pre‑order
CO108 Introducing Biblical Counseling: Theory and Practice Ian Jones Pre‑order
CO111 Gospel-Centered Counseling Elyse Fitzpatrick Buy Now
CO121 Pastoral Counseling: Foundations and Practices C. Gary Barnes Coming Soon
CO131 Integrative Counseling Dave Wenzel Coming Soon
CO201 Counseling for Marriages and Family Dan Zink Coming Soon
CO301 Counseling Women Affected by Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Morven Baker Coming Soon

Cultural Studies

CS121 Cultural Engagement and Scripture Darrell L. Bock Pre‑order
CS151 Philosophy of History Michael R. Licona Pre‑order
CS201 Western Civilization: Greeks to Aquinas Bryan Litfin Buy Now
CS251 History and Theology of the African American Church Carl F. Ellis, Jr Coming Soon


ED101 Introducing Discipleship Greg Ogden Buy Now
ED121 Introducing Evangelism Bobby Conway Buy Now
ED161 Christian Education: Foundations and Technology Andrew Petersonr Coming Soon
ED201 Empowering God’s People for Ministry Greg Ogden Buy Now
ED205 Discipleship in History and Practice Frederick Cardoza Pre‑order


ET101 Introducing Evangelical Ethics Michael Allen Pre‑order


LA151 Learn to Use Biblical Hebrew with Logos 6 Michael S. Heiser Buy Now
LA161 Learn to Use Biblical Greek with Logos 6 Johnny Cisneros Buy Now
LA211 Introducing New Testament Discourse Grammar Steven E. Runge Buy Now
LA251 Introducing Hebrew Grammar Mark D. Futato Pre‑order


LD101 Introducing Ministry Leadership Justin Irving Pre‑order
LD102 The Ministry Leader and the Inner Life Justin Irving Pre‑order
LD121 Introducing Transformational Leadership Mark McCloskey Coming Soon
LD201 Leading Teams and Groups in Ministry Justin Irving Pre‑order
LD202 Communication and Organizational Leadership Justin Irving Pre‑order

Logos Training

LT161 Logos Academic Training Morris Proctor Buy Now


MI101 Introducing Global Missions Don Fanning Buy Now
MI102 Current Issues in Missions Timothy Sisk Buy Now
MI201 Church Planting Timothy Sisk Buy Now
MI211 Ministry in Multiethnic Contexts Soong-Chan Rah Coming Soon
MI212 Church Planting in Multiethnic Contexts Soong-Chan Rah Coming Soon
MI251 Biblical Theology of Urban Ministry John Fuder Pre‑order
MI252 Philosophy and Practice of Urban Ministry John Fuder Pre‑order
MI255 Shalom in the City: Alexis de Tocqueville and Urban Church Planting Jim Belcher Coming Soon
MI301 Community Analysis: Exegeting Culture for Missions John Fuder Pre‑order

New Testament

NT101 Introducing New Testament: Its Structure and Story Lynn H. Cohick Buy Now
NT156 Understanding Easter: The Significance of the Resurrection Various Buy Now
NT201 The Cultural World of the New Testament David A. deSilva Pre‑order
NT202 A Survey of Jewish History and Literature from the Second Temple Period Joel Willitts Buy Now
NT203 The Literary Context of the Gospels Andrew W. Pitts Coming Soon
NT211 Introducing the Gospels and Acts: Their Background, Nature, and Purpose Darrell L. Bock Buy Now
NT216 Introductory Issues in Acts Craig S. Keener Buy Now
NT217 Key Events and Speeches in Acts Darrell L. Bock Buy Now
NT221 The Wisdom of John: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on Johannine Literature Ben Witherington III Buy Now
NT222 Introducing the Epistles and Revelation: Their Setting and Message David A deSilva Coming Soon
NT225 Survey of the Pastoral Epistles Kenneth L. Waters Sr. Buy Now
NT231 Paul of Tarsus Lynn H. Cohick Buy Now
NT250 Perspectives on Jesus and the Gospels Kenneth L. Waters Sr. Coming Soon
NT251 The Sermon on the Mount Jonathan Pennington Buy Now
NT252 Parables of Jesus Daniel M. Doriani Buy Now
NT253 Miracles of Jesus Daniel M. Doriani Buy Now
NT254 The Jesus of the Gospels Mark L. Strauss Coming Soon
NT281 How We Got the New Testament Michael S. Heiser Buy Now
NT286 Survey of the General Epistles Darian R. Lockett Coming Soon
NT301 The Gospels as Ancient Biography: A Theological and Historical Perspective Jonathan Pennington Buy Now
NT305 New Testament Theology Douglas J. Moo Buy Now
NT306 The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament Craig A. Evans Buy Now
NT307 Archaeology and the New Testament Craig A. Evans Buy Now
NT308 The Reliability of New Testament Manuscripts Craig A. Evans Buy Now
NT309 Critical Issues in the Synoptic Gospels Craig S. Keener Pre‑order
NT311 The World of Jesus and the Gospels Craig A. Evans Buy Now
NT312 The Gospels and Ancient Pedagogy Craig A. Evans Buy Now
NT313 Jesus and the Witness of the Outsiders Craig A. Evans Buy Now
NT314 Book Study: The Gospel of Matthew in Its Jewish Context Craig A. Evans Buy Now
NT315 Book Study: The Gospel of Mark Mark L. Strauss Buy Now
NT316 Book Study: The Gospel of Luke Andrew W. Pitts Buy Now
NT317 Book Study: The Gospel of Matthew in Its Greco-Roman Context Craig S. Keener Pre‑order
NT318 Book Study: The Gospel of Mark in Its Roman Context Craig A. Evans Pre‑order
NT319 Book Study: The Gospel of Luke in a Gentile Context Craig A. Evans Pre‑order
NT323 Book Study: The Gospel of John Joel Willitts Buy Now
NT326 Book Study: The Acts of the Apostles Joshua Jipp Coming Soon
NT328 Theological Themes of Luke-Acts Darrell L. Bock Coming Soon
NT331 Book Study: Paul’s Letter to the Romans Douglas J. Moo Buy Now
NT334 Book Study: Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians Craig L. Blomberg Pre‑order
NT340 Book Study: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians: The Gospel for Jew and Gentile Joel Willitts Coming Soon
NT341 Book Study: Paul’s Letter to the Galatians Douglas J. Moo Buy Now
NT342 Book Study: Paul's Letter to the Ephesians: God’s Corporate Call William W. Klein Coming Soon
NT343 Book Study: Paul's Letter to the Ephesians Lynn H. Cohick Buy Now
NT344 Paul’s Theology and the Letter to the Philippians Robert B. Sloan, Jr. Buy Now
NT345 Book Study: Paul's Letter to the Philippians Robert B. Sloan, Jr. Buy Now
NT346 Exegetical Study: Paul’s Letter to the Philippians Steven E. Runge Buy Now
NT347 Book Study: Paul’s Letter to the Colossians Joshua Jipp Buy Now
NT348 Book Study: Paul’s Letters to the Colossians and Philemon Con Campbell Buy Now
NT361 Book Study: The Letter to the Hebrews George H. Guthrie Buy Now
NT362 Exegetical Study: Letter to the Hebrews David A. deSilva Coming Soon
NT363 Theology of Hebrews Dana M. Harris Coming Soon
NT365 Book Study: Letter of James William Varner Buy Now
NT371 Exegetical Study: 1 John John D. Schwandt Coming Soon
NT385 Book Study: Revelation Craig S. Keener Pre‑order
NT386 Seventh-day Adventist Perspective on Revelation Jon Paulien Buy Now
NT390 Jesus as Rabbi: The Jewish Context of the Life of Jesus David Instone-Brewer Pre‑order
NT391 Hospitality in the New Testament Joshua Jipp Coming Soon
NT395 Perspectives on Paul: Reformation and the New Perspective Stephen Chester Pre‑order

Old Testament

OT101 Introducing Old Testament: Its Structure and Story Mark D. Futato Buy Now
OT102 Introducing the Old Testament: Its Poetry and Prophecy David W. Baker Buy Now
OT201 Old Testament Genres John H. Walton Buy Now
OT202 Introducing the Pentateuch David W. Baker Coming Soon
OT203 Literary World of the Old Testament David W. Baker Pre‑order
OT204 Social World of the Old Testament David W. Baker Pre‑order
OT221 Introductory Issues in Psalms Mark D. Futato Pre‑order
OT231 Survey of Major Prophets Paul Ferris Pre‑order
OT232 A Survey of Amos, Joel, Obadiah, and Malachi David W. Baker Buy Now
OT281 How We Got the Old Testament Michael S. Heiser Buy Now
OT285 Introducing Torah Rebekah Josberger Coming Soon
OT291 The Jewish Trinity: How the Old Testament Reveals the Christian Godhead Michael S. Heiser Buy Now
OT301 Origins of Genesis 1-3 John H. Walton Buy Now
OT302 Book Study: Genesis John H. Walton Buy Now
OT303 Theology of Genesis David W. Baker Buy Now
OT306 Book Study: Exodus Tremper Longman III Buy Now
OT308 Book Study: Leviticus Jay Sklar Coming Soon
OT312 Book Study: Deuteronomy Daniel I. Block Coming Soon
OT315 Book Study: Joshua L. Daniel Hawk Coming Soon
OT317 Book Study: Judges Daniel I. Block Coming Soon
OT321 Book Study: 1 & 2 Samuel David T. Lamb Pre‑order
OT325 Book Study: 1 & 2 Kings David T. Lamb Pre‑order
OT348 Book Study: Proverbs Tremper Longman III Coming Soon
OT355 Book Study: Isaiah Eric J. Tully Coming Soon
OT366 Book Study: Daniel and Its Literary and Historical Contexts Wendy Widder Coming Soon
OT391 The Shema Mark D. Futato Buy Now

Pastoral Care

PC101 Pastoral Ministry in a Missional Church Michael W. Goheen Buy Now
PC131 Shepherding Women Bev Hislop Buy Now
PC151 Theology of Everyday Life Daniel M. Doriani Buy Now
PC171 Introducing Chaplaincy I: Biblical Foundations for Chaplaincy Jeff Struecker Buy Now
PC172 Introducing Chaplaincy II: A Theology of Chaplaincy Jeff Struecker Buy Now
PC201 Pastoral Ethics Daniel M. Doriani Buy Now

Personal & Professional Development

PD101 Our Identity in Christ Elyse Fitzpatrick Buy Now
PD102 Idolatry and the Power of the Cross Elyse Fitzpatrick Buy Now
PD151 Do This Not That to Transform Your Marriage Stephen Arterburn Buy Now
PD161 Understanding and Living with Sexual Integrity Stephen Arterburn Buy Now
PD171 Biblical Soul Care Tim Clinton Buy Now
PD201 Introducing Spiritual Formation Gary Thomas Buy Now
PD331 Wealth and Stewardship in the Bible: A Practical Guide Keith Reeves Pre‑order
PD332 Faith, Work, and Economics Greg Forster Coming Soon


TH101 Introducing Bible Doctrine I: Theology, Divine Revelation, and the Bible Carl Sanders; Ronn Johnson; Michael S. Heiser Buy Now
TH102 Introducing Bible Doctrine II: The Triune God and His Heavenly Host Carl Sanders; Ronn Johnson Buy Now
TH103 Introducing Bible Doctrine III: Humanity, Sin, and Salvation Carl Sanders; Ronn Johnson Buy Now
TH104 Introducing Bible Doctrine IV: The Church and Last Things Carl Sanders; Ronn Johnson Buy Now
TH111 Doctrine of God and Creation: A Reformed Perspective Michael Allen Pre‑order
TH112 Doctrine of Christ and the Church: A Reformed Perspective Michael Allen Pre‑order
TH113 Doctrine of Salvation and Eschatology: A Reformed Perspective Michael Allen Pre‑order
TH191 Missional Approach to World Religions Michael W. Goheen Buy Now
TH200 Christian Thought: Orthodoxy and Heresy Beth Felker Jones Buy Now
TH215 Trinitarian Theology Peter J. Leithart Pre‑order
TH221 Doctrine of Man Lane G. Tipton Buy Now
TH222 Theological Anthropology Marc Cortez Coming Soon
TH241 Christology: The Doctrine of Christ Gerry Breshears Pre‑order
TH268 Jack W. Cottrell on the Doctrine of Grace Jack W. Cottrell Coming Soon
TH275Sacramental Theology Peter J. Leithart Pre‑order
TH278 Jack W. Cottrell on the Doctrine of Baptism Jack W. Cottrell Coming Soon
TH281 Eschatology: Finding Hope in God’s Purpose for the Future Kyle Roberts Coming Soon
TH291 History and Trends in Dispensationalism Carl Sanders Buy Now
TH292 Critical Issues in Dispensationalism Carl Sanders Buy Now
TH315 Theodicy: God, Evil, and Suffering Kyle Roberts Coming Soon
TH390 Contextual Theology: Examples from Christianity in Africa, Asia and Latin America Victor Ezigbo Coming Soon