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Tough Questions, Confident Answers

Logos Starter is the secret weapon confident small group leaders trust.
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“There’s no better way to dig into the Word than with Logos Bible Software.”

—Matt Chandler,
Author, speaker, and elder, The Village Church

Compare Passages, Not Opinions

Leading a Bible study means navigating challenging topics, passages, and opinions from individuals with different interpretations and understandings of Scripture.

Cut through the Noise—with the Facts

Fill the time between icebreakers and prayer requests by digging deeper into Scripture with a smart library and Bible study tools to help you confidently and effectively lead your Bible study week after busy week.

Find the Answers to Your Questions, Fast

Logos Starter is a lightweight toolkit that packs a punch with Bible study tools and a smart library to help you find relevant answers to your group’s deepest questions.

  • Factbook - Get quick, reliable answers to tough questions on theological topics and biblical details.
  • Smart Search - Easily find what you need and search through your entire library.
  • Passage Guide - Search any Bible passage and get relevant results where it appears in your resources.
  • And more

Everything You Need, All in One Place

Find the information you need (fast) with insights from your favorite teachers and dozens of trustworthy resources.

  • Bibles - Compare translations and interpretations of passages with nine English Bibles.
  • Bible dictionaries - Easily define terms with reliable dictionaries and encyclopedias in your library.
  • Commentaries - Get trustworthy insights and review side by side with Scripture.
  • And more

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Stay on Track with Personal Study

Logos has tools to help you grow deeper in your faith and gain confidence, including

  • Reading Plans - Go step by step through Bible passages or any resource in your library.
  • Workflows - Choose the type of study you need to do, and Logos pulls together the books and tools you need along the way.
  • Courses Tool - Get guided learning plans to understand biblical topics, doctrines, or books.
  • And more

Go beyond Average Bible Study

Discover even more ways Logos can help make your small group time more effective and engaging, with features including

  • Bible Word Study Guide - Get detailed information about specific Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic words.
  • Sermon Manager - Plan ahead, write discussion questions, and stay organized for your Bible study sessions.
  • Images & Interactives - Explore a library of visual media, maps, and more to guide you deeper into understanding biblical concepts.
  • And more

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Logos 9 Starter

Take your Bible study to new heights with 70 resources, including 9 Bibles—and so much more to add to your library—with Logos 9 Starter.

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