Logos Bible Software

Introducing Logos 9

Don’t Sweat the Small Group

Logos is a Bible study and lesson prep platform that helps you build on the insights of your favorite authors and teachers—so you can teach with confidence and authority.

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The Old Way

It’s Way Too Hard to Find Time for Bible Study Prep

And even if you had the time to study the Bible like your favorite author or preacher, would you know how to start? Most of us settle for just summing up what our heroes say, even though we’d love to build on their teaching with our own insights.

The Logos Way

Logos Makes Your Prep Super Fast—and Much More Meaningful

You’ll cut straight to fascinating insights from your favorite authors. And because it has simple study guides that help you discover biblical truth for yourself, you’ll head into small group with confidence that you know what you’re talking about.

Put Busywork to Rest

Consulting a typical library is full of flipping pages, walking to the shelf, and shuffling through books. It’s only as fast as your fingers can flip and your eyes can scan. But with Logos, a quick search reveals everything a built-in Bible study library says on any passage or topic.

Step Up to the Challenge with Step-by-Step Help

With Workflows in Logos, anybody can do the same type of in-depth study their favorite authors do. You’ll follow step-by-step instructions as you prepare your lesson on a biblical passage, topic, doctrine, and much more.

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Cynthia, small group leader

“I LOVE workflows. I could go on, but all I'd be doing is repeating myself over and over again. I love workflows, I love workflows, I love workflows…”

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Stop Giving Up on Verses You Don’t Get

We’ve all glossed over those genealogies and Levitical laws. But when you have to actually teach those passages, you don’t get a free pass. Logos makes confusing verses light up with rich meaning. Media, book excerpts, quotes, and much more reveal themselves with a click or tap.

Don’t Leave Your Highlights in the Dark

How many times have you highlighted some life-changing quote or verse . . . but can’t seem to track it down again? Or what about all those notes that got lost, scrapped, or forgotten? With Logos, they’re all intuitively organized and totally searchable—automatically.

People Are Messy. Helping Them Doesn’t Have to Be.

As a leader, people look to you for help. Now you have help navigating those tough conversations. Search for any topic—like conflict, doubt, or anger—and Logos gives you quick access to everything a built-in collection of counseling resources has to say.

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Daniel, elder and teacher

“This software is awesome! It has everything you need and . . . will save you time.”

Answer a few questions to find the right Logos package.

Get Your Group on the Same Page

Reading through a book together? Anybody can download the Logos mobile app, completely free. Then you can share a premade reading plan from thousands of popular books in Logos libraries.

Watch the Newest Features in Action

The Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Sometimes an image can open up a passage better than words ever could. Logos includes images of biblical sites, media for presentations, interactive tools for studying the Bible, and other visuals that help the Bible come alive with meaning.

Put Your Head in the Write Place

Sometimes bullet points on a scrap of paper just won’t cut it. That’s why Logos includes a writing tool made for sermons but perfect for small group. Just type into the built-in word processor, and Logos automatically creates slides based on what you write. You can also create handouts, customize your slide theme, and more.

Never Lose Their Attention—or Your Place

The only thing worse than watching their eyes glaze over is hopelessly searching for your spot in your notes. With the Logos mobile app, your lesson plan turns into an easily readable manuscript with a tap. There’s even a timer that gives you a heads-up when you’re going long.

Plan Ahead without Losing Your Mind

It’s hard to plan ahead when you have a full-time job and a Bible study to lead. Thankfully, Logos includes Sermon Manager, a simple yet powerful tool built for pastors but perfect for leaders like you, too. Map out an entire year’s worth of small group or Bible study—even accounting for holidays and school breaks—in record time.