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Referral Program Details & Disclaimers

About the Referral Program

  • Referral reward only paid out for new base package purchases (Starter and higher)
  • Logos maintains the rights to change conditions of the referral program at any time
  • Referral is only tracked if purchased through referral link
  • Logos is not responsible for purchases that did not track due to technical issues

Logos 10 Discount

  • $100 off Logos 10 package only valid for first-time base package purchasers
  • Only one discounted purchase per customer
  • Only valid on Starter base package and up
  • Discount terms and conditions may change

Referral Credit

  • $100 will be added to your account for approved purchases
  • Credit will be given 30–60 days after purchase through email
  • Rewards may be cancelled if the referred purchase is returned
  • There is a limit of 6 referral rewards per year per customer
  • Credit cannot be shared and is only valid for the account that is part of the referral program
  • Logos employees are not eligible to receive credit