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What Makes
Logos Editions
So Powerful?

Print Books Only Look
Good on Paper

Print books are beautiful and they’re fine for reading straight through a novel. But they aren’t very efficient for studying the Bible and theology. Walk to a shelf, grab a book, skim the index, find your passage or topic, read a few pages, realize it’s not what you need, grab another book, and repeat the process five or ten or fifty times? When you stop and think about it, that’s a lot of busywork!

Logos Editions Drastically Reduce the Time It Takes to Study the Bible

Logos Editions are powerful because they connect to the tools in Logos Bible Software. Our team tags every book with important information, like topics covered, biblical events mentioned, and theological ideas explored. That means all you have to do is search Logos, and it scans your library, instantly connecting you to relevant information from across all your books!

Don’t have Logos? Get the free version. It comes with a library of Logos Editions to get you started.

Search “Jesus” in an Online Bible and You’ll Miss 4,165 Results

There are lots of titles for Jesus in the New Testament: Son of God. Son of Man. Lord. Not to mention all those times he’s referred to as “he” or “him.” When you search for a biblical person in Logos, you’ll find all of those references—not just the exact name matches. The Logos Edition of your favorite translation unleashes the power of God’s Word.

Fill Your Brain, Not Your Backpack

The beauty of a Logos library is that you can take it anywhere. Our mobile apps don’t just include every book in your digital library. They have a robust suite of Logos study tools, giving you the ability to quickly find anything in your books, no legwork or backache required.

Two Types of Logos Editions

Logos Research Editions get the full Logos treatment. We catalogue topics discussed, Scripture references, theological concepts, bibliographic info, citations, and so much more. Then we connect them to Logos tools so you can access essential info in seconds flat.

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Logos Reader Editions are designed to be read cover to cover. We tag Scripture references and some other basics, but forgo the robust treatment given to reference works. This drastically speeds up production, which often enables us to release them the same day as print.

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Logos Ebooks

Ebooks on the Logos platform come as is from the publisher and are designed to be read cover to cover. Links to Bible verses and books will appear in searches, but they have minimal tagging to help you stay focused as you read.