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The Old Way

Truly in-depth Bible study used to be expensive, time-consuming, and only for experts.

  • You needed a print library of pricey books made for specialists.
  • You had to look everything up manually.
  • You needed seminary training to really know what you’re doing.
Cartoonish frazzled-looking man surrounded by disorganized books and papers
Confident, cartoonish man on the computer using Logos Bible Software while drinking coffee. Logos is showing him videos, infographics, discussions, and more.

The Logos Way

Logos empowers anybody with a hunger for God to find and share life-changing biblical truth.

  • You get a digital library of trusted titles—at a fraction of the print price.
  • You save time with study tools that look stuff up for you.
  • You don’t have to be a scholar to use it—even though scholars love it!

Logos Bible Software combines books, a search engine, and tools that empower anybody to understand the Bible.

Put Busywork to Rest

Consulting a typical library is full of flipping pages, walking to the shelf, and shuffling through books. It’s only as fast as your fingers can flip and your eyes can scan. But with Logos, a quick search reveals everything a built-in Bible study library says on any passage or topic.

Screenshot of the Logos passage guide
Screenshot of Logos showing geneaologies and images

Stop Giving Up on Verses You Don’t Get

We’ve all glossed over those genealogies and Levitical laws. But every time we do, we’re missing out on biblical truth. Logos makes confusing passages light up with rich meaning. Media, Greek & Hebrew insights, book excerpts, quotes, and much more reveal themselves with a click or tap.

Search “Jesus” in an Online Bible and You’ll Miss 4,165 Results

There are lots of titles for Jesus in the New Testament: Son of God. Son of Man. Lord. Not to mention all those times he’s referred to as “he” or “him.” When you search for a person in Logos, you’ll find all of those references—not just the exact name matches.

Screenshot of Logos results for a search for Jesus
Screenshot of the Logos factbook, which shows a collection of reliable Bible facts

Get a Second Opinion in Seconds

A normal Bible encyclopedia just gives you one perspective on the few topics it covers. Logos instantly collects diverse points of view from an entire library to give you a quick, comprehensive look at any topic.

No Greek? No problem. Know Greek? No limits.

With a typical Bible, you only see the English translation. With Logos, you can dig into the underlying Greek text and get a better sense of the author's original meaning. And if you do know them, you’ll shave hours off your exegesis with tools that reveal parsing, lexicon entries, syntax, and so much more in a few clicks or a search.

Screenshot of a Logos Bible Word Study, showing the Greek roots of the word and how it's commonly used
Screenshot of Logos, with custom highlights and markups

Don’t Leave Your Highlights in the Dark

How many times have you highlighted some life-changing quote or verse . . . but can’t seem to track it down again? Or what about all those notes that got lost, scrapped, or forgotten? With Logos, they’re all intuitively organized and totally searchable—automatically.

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The Internet Is a Good Source... of Bad Information

Let’s face it: the internet is a gift and a curse. Unlimited information means unlimited ways to be led astray or distracted by unsound teaching or content. With Logos, you get a curated collection of credible digital books you can search in an instant. And you get it at a fraction of the print price.

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