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Installing Logos Bible Software 6

Installation Guide for Windows and Mac

Installing Logos Bible Software 6

I purchased a Logos 6 base package or the core engine and need to install it on a computer that doesn’t have Logos software installed.

  1. Make sure you’re signed into your account.
  2. To download the software, you’ll need to purchase a Logos 6 base package or order the free Core Engine

Installing the Free Logos Core Engine

I want to download the free Logos Core Engine.

What is the “Free Engine”?

The Logos 6 Core Engine does not include any resources or books. It will download any Logos, Verbum, Vyrso or Libronix DLS resources you already own, rent or subscribe to when you sign in with your Faithlife account. It will not add any new tools like Atlas, Interactive resources, and many more new features.

To unlock the full potential of Logos, consider upgrading to a Logos 6 base package or crossgrading. Learn more about the differences between updating, crossgrading, and upgrading here.

Get the free Logos 6 Core Engine here:

After you complete the order, follow the first time installation instructions.

Upgrading from Logos 5

I just upgraded to Logos 6 and I need to install it on the computer I have Logos 5 installed on.

It’s simple! Just open your Logos 5 software, and the update will happen for you automatically.

Having trouble?

If the upgrade isn’t installing, try following the instructions above for Installing Logos for the first time.

Please note: Logos 6 requires Windows 7 or newer, or OS X 10.9 or newer. Please see our system requirements for more details.