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Logos Bible Software 7 Installation

Installation Guide for Windows and Mac

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How to Install Logos Bible Software 7

I purchased Logos 7 or am a Logos Now Member, and need to install the newest version of Logos on a computer that doesn't have it.

  1. Make sure you’re signed into your account.
  2. To download the software, you’ll need to purchase a Logos 7 base package.
  3. Links to the download files are found in your order summary e-mail and on the the base package product pages.

How to Upgrade from Logos 6

I just upgraded to Logos 7 and I need to install it on the computer I have a previous version of Logos.

It’s simple! Just open your Logos 6 software, and the update will happen for you automatically.

Having trouble?

If the upgrade isn’t installing, try following the instructions above for Installing Logos for the first time.

Please note: Logos 7 requires Windows 7 SP-1 or newer, or OS X 10.10.X or newer. Please see our system requirements for more details.

To install Logos 6 click here