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Logos Mobile Ed

Breaking down barriers
to biblical education

Good theological education is an invaluable resource. Unfortunately, a long list of priorities keep most people from being able to pursue their goal: finances, family, career, and church, to name a few.

Mobile Ed breaks down these barriers by bringing education to you, so you don’t have to give up your commitments to invest in your skills and knowledge.

Above: Dr. Craig Evans

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Mobile Ed brings solid biblical education to you, where you are

Further your biblical education, wherever you are, equipped with a vast theological library and teaching from renowned professors. You’ll keep your home, church, and job—and you’ll avoid traditional education’s years of debt.

Concise, personal video lessons

Mobile Ed lectures are presented as short, insightful videos. Rather than wading through an hour long film to find content, our professors have broken down lessons into logical and easily digestible sections so you can manage your coursework in the midst of day to day life.

Preview a lesson from Dr. Goheen’s Biblical Interpretation Series

Above: Dr. Lynn Cohick

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Each HD video is filmed in a closed studio environment where the professor speaks to you like you’re having a one-on-one conversation.

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Superpowered transcripts connect
lectures to your entire Logos library

Mobile Ed video transcripts interact with your Logos resources, so every word your professor speaks becomes a link to your entire theological library. If the professor mentions a topic you want to know more about, simply pause the video and select the topic mentioned—in seconds you’re connected to every place in your Logos library where this topic is mentioned.

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Video tutorials teach you how to do your own biblical research

Mobile Ed tutorials help you master the world’s most advanced Bible software by learning how and when to use Logos’ specialized tools and features. Each course is accompanied by video tutorials that walk you through the software, illustrate how the professor arrived at key points, and show you how to do the same.

Share what you learn with your Mobile Ed classmates on Faithlife

Interact with other students through Faithlife, a social network that reaches Christian students, pastors, and churches across the globe. Form groups, ask questions, give feedback, and share notes and ideas in an environment that is encouraging and helpful.

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