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Learn Logos Fast with Free Training from Morris Proctor

For over two decades, he’s taught thousands of people how to use Logos Bible Software during packed-out live training sessions across the country. Now you can get free training from Morris Proctor, the only authorized Logos trainer, right where you are. Work through these short lessons, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Logos master. And don’t miss your chance to get even more training at MPSeminars.com.

1. Welcome

2. Getting Ready to Study: Study Now with the Go Box

3. Getting Ready to Study: Survey the Desktop

4. Getting Ready to Study: Study from Home

5. Getting Ready to Study: Visit the Library

6. Creating a Learning Plan

7. Prioritize Your Favorite Books

8. Study with Guides

9. Study with Workflows

10. Open and Navigate Resources

11. Create Your Own Layouts

12. Search the Bible

13. Browse the Bible

14. Learn more at MPSeminars.com

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