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Do the Work of Ministry without the Busywork

Logos is a Bible study and sermon prep platform that cuts out busywork so you can focus on your calling.

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What If Paper Books Are Slowing You Down?

Preaching the Word requires prayer, the Holy Spirit, and the right tools. Yet many pastors rely on tech created at a time when the hourglass was cutting-edge: the paper book.

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Logos Cuts Out Busywork by Digitizing Sermon Prep

Search for a passage or topic and instantly find everything you need. You’ll discover gems that would have remained forever buried in a print library.

Curated Libraries

Fill Your Shelves with the Only Library That Browses Itself

Enjoy hundreds of trusted, essential ministry resources without tracking them down yourself. Every Logos package comes with a handpicked selection of commentaries, sermon illustrations, counseling books, and more.

Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament Based on Semantic Domains
Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Midrash, Volume 1
The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Abridged in One Volume (TDNTA)
Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 28th Edition, with Critical Apparatus (NA28)


Take a Step in the Right Direction—Every Time

When your schedule is packed with meetings and weekday events, it’s easy to get scattered. Workflows keep your study and prep on track with step-by-step guidance through any passage.


See the Big Picture in a Short Glance

Search for your sermon passage or topic and Factbook gets you a curated overview in seconds. Plus, with Factbook Tags in your Logos Edition books, information is built right in, so you can get insights without turning a page.

“Logos software is phenomenal mainly, in my mind, for its incredible library and what you can do with it.”

John Piper

founder and teacher of Desiring God

“Logos is ... by far the best investment I have made to continue my growth as a pastor.”



“I use logos every day either for reading my Bible, sermon preparations, or for my current pursuit of a master's degree.”



Sermon Builder

Turn a Blank Canvas into Powerful Sermon Slides

Sermon Builder transforms your Bible study into your next message. Incorporate Scripture references, Popular Quotes, and notes into presentation-ready slides and handouts.

Sermon Manager

Plan Ahead without Losing Your Mind

With Sermon Manager, you can map out an entire year’s worth of sermons—accounting for holidays, your church calendar, and even school breaks—in record time.

Sermon Import

Put Your Past Work Back to Work

Tap into your own insights by consulting a complete database of every sermon you’ve written in Logos, or transfer sermons from Microsoft Word into your Logos archive.

Preaching Mode

Never Lose Your Audience—or Your Place

With Preaching Mode, your sermon outlines and manuscripts are easy to read, you get a clear view of all your slides, and a built-in timer gives you a heads-up if you’re going long.

Preaching suite

Get the Complete Solution for Preaching

Or call a Bible study expert at (888) 403-0249

“Logos is the most comprehensive and interactive tool for studying God’s Word at a deeper level!”

John Bevere

author and minister

“Love using the Sermon Builder and I teach/preach from it every week.”


youth minister

“I love the ability to import decades’ worth of Microsoft Word sermon notes into Logos 10, making sermon series’ planning and searching past sermons a breeze.”



Bible Word Study

Know What You’re Saying When You Say “The Greek Says—”

Discover the significance of a Greek or Hebrew word with one-click word studies. You can even hear how the word is pronounced, so you can quote the Greek from the pulpit without sticking your πούς in your στόμα.

Search Reimagined

Study the Bible, Search Your Books

Search gives you the simplicity of a search engine but with results you know you can trust. Get smart search suggestions, answers to your pressing Bible questions, and scour your entire library in seconds.

People Are Messy—Helping Them Doesn’t Have to Be

Be prepared for every challenging conversation. Search any topic—like depression, suicide, doubt, or conflict—and Logos gives you quick access to what a built-in collection of respected counseling resources has to say.

Logos Apps

Prepare Anywhere

Your office. Your living room. The bus. The waiting room. Access Logos wherever you have a spare moment with our mobile, web, and desktop apps.