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My Account

What is Faithlife? Why do I have an account with them?

In August of 2014, Logos Bible Software rebranded as Faithlife Corporation. Faithlife Corporation is now the parent company of Logos Bible Software. Faithlife is the worldwide leader in electronic tools and resources for Bible study. The Faithlife family includes Proclaim Church Presentation Software,, Vyrso, Lexham Press, and so much more. All of these tools are connected by a single account—your Faithlife account. Learn more about Faithlife.

If you previously created an account on it is still active and valid. It has simply been renamed as your “Faithlife Account”.

What are my Faithlife login and password?

Your web login is the email address you used to register your account. Your user–created password was entered during the new user registration process. Both email address and password can be changed once you have logged into your Faithlife Account.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it online by entering your email address. If you do not have access to your email account anymore, contact customer support by phone at (800) 875–6467 or by email at

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

If you know which email address you used to sign in, you can reset your password here.

I’ve experienced a problem with my account or Logos application. What should I do?

Our Customer Service Center would be glad to assist you by email or phone at (800) 875–6467. Visit for our hours of operation.

Tip: If you’re experiencing a more technical issue, like an “error” or “crash”, please visit our Support Page for possible solutions. If your issue is not covered, you might consider emailing our Technical Support Department. You’ll find instruction for reporting these issues on Windows here. Mac users, click here.

Can I use my Faithlife account on my mobile devices?

Yes, and when you register the account you get 30 free books, and the ability to add notes, highlights, and favorites. If you’re already a Logos user, you’ll also get access to your current library.

What is the End–User License Agreement (EULA)?

The EULA is the license every user agrees to when he or she installs a copy of Logos Bible Software. In essence, the EULA says the software can be used by one user on multiple devices. Your base package is yours for your own personal use and can be used on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and other devices at home or at work. Read a copy of the license agreement for more information.

What am I allowed to do with Faithlife / Logos media? Is it copyrighted?

Logos 6 and Logos Now deliver a rich set of media collections, which raises some questions: What am I allowed to do with Faithlife / Logos media? Is it copyrighted? Do I have to ask permission to show it in front of an audience? What about posting to social media?

The answer is: It depends on the media. Logos media collection slides, videos, and still photographs are released under four different licenses: Public Domain, Logos Free, Logos User, and Copyrighted. For more information please read permissions & copyright for Logos Media.

Logos 6

What is Logos Bible Software?

Logos is the world’s leading Bible software. Its massive networked libraries, fast searches, original language tools, and helpful Bible–knowledge features help you draw insight from the Word. The software’s beautiful media allows you to easily share these insights with others. No matter what device you’re using—Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android—you can take your library anywhere.

Where can I learn about what’s new in Logos 6?

To learn more about the new features, functionality, and resources you can get with Logos 6, visit

Where can I learn more about using Logos 6?

The best place to begin is You’ll also want to read the Logos blog, where we explain many of the new features in Logos 6. In addition, we have an active community of forum users who are eager to teach new users how to get the most out of our software. Finally, you may want to consider attending a Camp Logos seminar with authorized trainer Morris Proctor.

Are there any special pricing options available?

Yes! Be sure to sign in to take advantage of the best prices available. We currently have special introductory offers available for a limited time. We also have a thriving for students and educational faculty.

I thought Logos software updates were free—why do I have to pay to upgrade?

We offer free updates to the software to keep our promise that you’ll never have to pay twice for your books, and that the software to read your books on new versions of your operating system will be free. You don’t pay for updates at all, and depending on how long you have been using Logos Bible Software, you have probably already received dozens of free updates since your initial purchase.

You can think of it this way: “free updates ensure that you won’t have to pay to maintain access to content you’ve already purchased.” Since that’s a mouthful to say, some people have abbreviated that to “free updates for life,” which is easier to say, and has effectively been the case.

As far as “upgrades,” you can “upgrade” to any package—even “Starter”—and only pay for the new content, tools, datasets, etc., in that package, calculated off what you have already invested in. Typically, upgrades contain thousands of dollars’ worth of content for a small fraction of the price you would pay if you purchased the content individually. Click here to learn more about upgrading versus updating.

Why should I upgrade?

You should upgrade to take advantage of the best value you may ever encounter on a library, and to make sure you have the latest and greatest tools for Bible study. The new base packages contain hundreds to thousands of dollars of new content for pennies on the dollar. What’s more, the Discount Calculator tallies all your resources and creates a custom discount toward your new base package. You only pay for the new content—nothing more.

Where can I see a list of all the contents in each package?

All the Logos Bible Software base packages have been reconfigured with new content. For a complete list of the exact contents in each package, visit our base packages page.

Do I have to repurchase all of my books?

No. Your existing Libronix DLS, Logos 4, and Logos 5 books will move with you to Logos 6. You don’t have to repurchase them.

What happens to books I’ve already purchased if I upgrade to Logos 6?

You keep them all! You won’t lose any books by upgrading. In fact, the Discount Calculator analyzes the books you already own, so your current library counts as credit toward your Logos 6 base package.

What are the actual download sizes for each Logos Base Package?

Logos Base Packages download size varies depending on the package. You can estimate your download size using the approximations below.

Approximate Resource Download Size Per–Package:

  • Starter 5.99 GB
  • Bronze 7.89 GB
  • Silver 8.71 GB
  • Gold 9.98 GB
  • Platinum 11.41 GB
  • Diamond 13.29 GB
  • Portfolio 14.79 GB
  • Collector’s Edition 20.09 GB

Note: Logos 6 will require more space than listed above if you own additional resources or collections. Actual download sizes will vary by user. These approximations do not include the size of the actual application files or the index. The download sizes above do not reflect the mobile apps. Logos for mobile devices is cloud–based and only uses storage for the application and individual resources you may choose to manually download.

I just upgraded to Logos 6 and downloaded my books, but my software still says Logos 4. How can I get the Logos 6 engine?

If you are upgrading from Logos 4 or Libronix to Logos 6 your new books will automatically download when you restart the software, however, you will need to manually install the new Logos 6 engine. To do this, locate the install link on your Order Summary email and follow the instructions. If you are upgrading from Logos 5 to Logos 6, both your books and the Logos 6 engine will download when you restart the software.

Will I lose any features or datasets when I upgrade to Logos 6?

Absolutely not! When you upgrade to a new Logos 6 base package, not only do you get brand–new features and datasets—you also keep everything you already have in Logos 5. And it doesn’t matter which new Logos 6 base package you choose. Upgrading only gives you more features and datasets—it doesn’t take anything away.

Do I need to uninstall Logos 4 or 5 before I upgrade?

No. Your Logos 6 upgrade will replace your existing Logos 4 or 5 software installation (but not your Logos 4 or 5 books and features). If you remove Logos 4 or 5, you will need to re–download all of your Logos 4 or 5 content in Logos 6.

To learn more about the upgrade process, click here.

I bought a USB drive. When will my order arrive?

Most non–download orders typically arrive in 5–7 business days. Please allow extra time for delivery during the holiday season or if the drive is being shipped internationally.

What’s the difference between the USB and download versions?

If you don’t have high–speed internet, you can purchase any of our base packages on a USB drive, but you’ll have to wait for your package to arrive. You will receive a USB and attached serial number with your order for activation.

Most users prefer to download the software instead. Your Logos Bible Software download begins as soon as your purchase is complete, and can be redownloaded at any time as needed.

What’s the difference between upgrading, crossgrading, and updating?

An “update” is a change to the software to keep it “up to date”—bug fixes, minor tweaks, and changes that make sure it works on the latest version of the operating system it’s running on. An “upgrade” may include major changes or “upgrades” in content, features, functionality, tools, datasets, and more. “Updates” are free; “upgrades” are not. We have released many free updates to our software over the years. Typically, they run behind the scenes and install for free automatically.

We offer several “crossgrade” products. These products are designed to get you the new Logos 6 datasets and media without adding books to your library. These crossgrade products were designed with upgraders in mind as not all of the Logos 6 features work well without a large library. Click here to learn more about upgrading, crossgrading, and updating.

Logos Now

What is Logos Now?

Logos Now is a membership to a growing library of content and tools for serious Bible study that gives you access to the future of Logos Bible Software, today. With a Logos Now membership, you also get access to Logos (Beta) on the web. If you cancel your membership, these features go away.

Do I need to own a Logos 6 base package to use Logos Now?

Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade, Gold, or higher will provide an optimal experience with Logos Now.

Get Logos 6 Feature Crossgrade

Upgrade to Logos 6 Gold

I already own a base package. Why Logos Now?

Think of Logos Now as an add-on to your Logos 6 base package. A Logos 6 base package is still the best way to build a library of resources you own. Logos Now provides additional value to your library with the latest content, features, datasets, interactives, and media.

What’s included in the first release of Logos Now?

Some releases may include new or improved content and features, while most will include new or expanded datasets, Media Collections, and Interactive Media. These releases will automatically be made available through your software.

  1. Concordance tool: explore the contents of any resource, including words, lemmas, roots, people, senses, and more, with this interactive panel. It’s like a book index on steroids!
  2. Media Browser tool: skim through all of your media at once; filter your media by collection, type, place, and more.
  3. Commandments of the Law interactive media: dig into the 613 commandments of the Old Testament with this interactive browser, that lets you sort each commandment by literary type, positive or negative commandment, theme, and more.
  4. Old Testament Propositional Bible Outline dataset and tool: the popular New Testament Propositional Bible Outline is coming to the Old Testament! This upgrade includes the first few Old Testament books—more books will be offered with each additional release.
  5. Greek Grammatical Construction dataset: this dataset labels all instances of Granville Sharp’s first rule, conditional clauses, historical presents, articular infinitives, clause-level asyndeton, and Colwell’s Rule.
Where can I see what I’m getting with my membership?

We’re continually adding new content, tools, datasets, and media to Logos Now. Visit the features page to see the current list of features included in a Logos Now membership.

Can I work with Logos Now offline?

Yes. Logos Now features are accessed through your Logos 6 base package and most features are available offline. You have to be online to install Logos Now, but it will work offline after that. You will also have access to an online version of the software, which does require an Internet connection. New features like Media Browser will require an Internet connection to access your media.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

You will always keep the resources you own and retain access to your notes, documents, and personal settings. You will, however, lose access to the content, tools, datasets, and features included in Logos Now. You will also lose access to the Logos web app, membership benefits, and discounts.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime on the website in your account settings. Your membership will run out at the end of the current pay period. For example, if your renewal is on the 3rd of every month, and you cancel anytime during the month, your membership will end on the 3rd of the next month.

Is Logos Now comparable to Feature Crossgrade?

No. Feature Crossgrade provides all the tools, features, datasets, and media of Logos 6. Logos Now only provides access to additional content, tools, features, datasets, and media not available in Logos 6. If you haven’t already purchased Feature Crossgrade or a Logos 6 base package, you can do that today.

Will Logos 6 owners continue to get free updates without a membership?

Yes, all Logos users will continue to receive standard updates free of charge. These updates will continue to include improvements to the speed of the app, panel improvements, improvements to guides, and other software and resource updates. They will not include new content and features found exclusively in Logos Now.

How do I install Logos Now?

As a Logos 6 user, access to Logos Now features will happen automatically the next time you log in after you subscribe.

If you’re installing on a new machine visit our Installation Page.

I have a payment plan. How does a membership impact my payment plan?

Payment plans and membership are two separate transactions and you will see both on your credit card statement.

What’s the difference between free software updates in Logos 6 and Logos Now?

Logos 6 users will continue to receive free updates to their software: bug fixes, performance enhancements, improvements to existing features, and updates to their resources, datasets, media collection, and interactive media. Logos Now members, in addition to these things, will receive early access to new content and features, as well as a variety of new categories of datasets, media collections, and interactive media. Logos Now members will also receive ​access to the brand new Logos web app and will enjoy other membership benefits like exclusive offers, special discounts, and more.

Basic Training

Is there an instruction manual?

Logos comes with help files within the software. Open the help files by clicking on the question mark icon at the top-right corner of the program, typing Help in the Command Bar, or pressing the F1 key.

Training articles and tutorial videos are available online. A tutorial resource is included in all Logos Bible Software 6 base packages. You can find it by searching in the Command Bar for “Logos 6 Quick Start”. Logos 6 Quick Start training is provided by Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

I purchased a USB copy of Logos. How do I install Logos from the USB?
  1. Insert USB flash drive into USB slot.
  2. Locate the setup file and double–click to run it.
  3. Sign in with your account, or create one.
  4. Enter your 20–digit serial number.

Installation normally takes around 15 mins.

For additional help visit

How do I install my new software?

For step–by–step instructions, visit our installation guide.

I just purchased a book. How do I install it?

Logos downloads your books automatically. If you’ve completed your purchase, simply restart Logos and the download indicator should appear near your system clock.

I already own the Logos desktop application. What is the best way to install it?

If you already own Logos, the best way to install (or reinstall) is by download. Please visit our Installation Page for download instructions.

I got Logos 6. How do I install all the existing books that I used in Logos 5?

If you have already activated⁄unlocked your Logos 5 resources, Logos will automatically download those resources from our servers, along with the base package that you purchased. You can also load books from your Logos 6 USB drive by inserting the USB flash drive into the USB slot, locating the setup file and double–clicking on it to run it. Then sign in with your account (or create on)) and enter your 20–digit serial number.

Now that I’ve installed Logos, what’s next?

The Logos desktop application is a very large and expansive research tool, but you can quickly search your entire library right from the Home Page. Simply, enter a passage or word you wish to study into the search bar and click “Go”. You’ll get results from your entire library, including your top Bibles, Commentaries and other reference works.

How do I choose which books show up first?

You can favor certain resources over others. Just open your library, click “Prioritize,” and drag in your favorite books.

Is there a place where I can talk about Logos with other users, share tips, and get help along the way?

Yes! We have a very active community in our Forums, where you can chat with long–time “Power Users” and laymen alike.

I’ve got a good handle on basic use, but I know I’m not using Logos to its full potential. Where can I learn to do more in Logos?

You can find a lot of great training materials right here at And for more advanced, interactive training, we would highly recommend visiting Camp Logos with Morris Proctor.

Tip: If you can’t make it to camp, Morris provides DVD versions of his fantastic training seminars to follow along at home!

My Books

I just purchased a book. How do I install it?

Logos downloads your books automatically. If you’ve completed your purchase, simply restart Logos and the download indicator should appear near your system clock.

If I upgrade to Logos 6, will I have to pay for books I already own?

Absolutely not! Your books may actually count as credit toward your Logos 6 purchase. You can see your custom pricing with the Discount Calculator.

Do I have to repurchase all of my books?

No. Your existing Libronix DLS, Logos 4, and Logos 5 books will move with you to Logos 6. You don’t have to repurchase them.

What happens to books I’ve already purchased if I upgrade to Logos 6?

You keep them all! You won’t lose any books by upgrading. In fact, the Discount Calculator analyzes the books you already own, so your current library counts as credit toward your Logos 6 base package.

Should I return my Logos 5 package when I upgrade?

This is not recommended. The new Logos 6 base packages have been dramatically restructured. If you return your Logos 5 purchase, you will lose access to a lot of resources not currently included in your Logos 6 package.

Further, our Discount Calculator has automatically structured your Logos 6 upgrade price based on your existing Logos 5 collection. If you return Logos 5, you will end up paying the difference on the titles which overlap, thereby increasing your Logos 6 cost.

How do I install all the existing books that I use?

If you have already activated/unlocked your Logos 5 resources, Logos will automatically download those resources from our servers, along with the base package that you purchased. You can also load books from your Logos 6 USB drive by inserting the USB flash drive into the USB slot, locating the setup file and double–clicking on it to run it. Then Sign in with your account (or create one) and enter your 20–digit serial number.

How do I choose which books show up first?

Logos Bible Software uses advanced resource prioritization to determine which books are searched and displayed first in any situation. This means you can favor certain resources over others. Just open your library, click “Prioritize,” and drag in your favorite books.

How do I purchase new books?

Logos Bible Software allows you to build a library tailored to your specific study needs. In addition to the books included in base packages, there are tens of thousands more books from over 150 publishers in the Logos ebook format with more coming in through Pre–Pub and Community Pricing all the time. All online purchases will require you to sign in to If you don’t have a current account, you will need to register. Be sure to fill in all required fields. Returning users should sign in before shopping.

Mobile Apps

Is it possible to use Logos on my Mobile Device?

Yes! We do have mobile options available for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) and most Android devices.

What features are available in the Logos Bible Software app?

The Logos Bible Software app includes some of our most popular features from the desktop software, including notes, highlights, Passage Guide, Bible Word Study, Exegetical Guide, Topic Guide, and text comparison. However, for the best Bible study experience a Logos base package for a desktop or laptop computer is the best option.

Do I need to be connected to internet for the app to work?

It depends—you will need to be connected to the internet via your mobile data provider or Wi–Fi to access all the features and resources of the app. We currently offer offline reading support for owned resources, private notes, highlights, and limited search when you are not able to access the internet. Guides, full search, word lookup, and community notes require an internet connection. To learn how to download a book for offline reading, please click here.

I have a Logos base package. Will I be able to see all my books in the Logos Bible Software app?

Most books in the Logos Base Packages are supported on mobile. However, a few of our older resources may not be available at this time. We are working with all of our publishers to ensure these resources can be available and they will be added as quickly as possible.

What devices support the Logos Mobile apps for Android?

The Logos Mobile apps are compatible with most Android Tablets and Phones, as long as they support the "Google Play" or "Amazon Appstore" marketplaces.

Which books are compatible with the Logos Bible Software app?

Any resource that says “Runs on mobile” is available for mobile devices. You can browse them all.

What if I don’t have an Apple or Android device?

If you don’t have a compatible mobile device, try opening your device’s browser to

Do I have to register my account on my mobile device?

No, but when you register you get 30 free books, and the ability to add notes, highlights, and favorites. If you’re already a Logos user, you’ll also get access to your current library.

How much do the apps cost?

Our mobile apps are free to download from their respective marketplaces, but can be enhanced with additional books by linking to a Faithlife account with purchases.

Which free books will I have access to on my mobile device?

The specific list of titles may vary over time. To ensure unrestricted access to a free resource, consider purchasing it at

I have to be a Logos customer to use the mobile app?

No. Our application is free for anyone to use and can be downloaded from the app store. However, if you are a Logos user, the app will give you access to books from your Logos library.

Can I read my books offline?

The current version of our app offers limited offline reading by pre–downloading resources to your device (requires an internet connection via your wireless carrier or Wi–Fi). Learn More

What’s the difference between the iPhone and iPad app?

The app is essentially the same for both devices. They use the same general interface, menus, and application from the App Store, but they may appear differently based on screen size available.

I want to buy an Android Device. What size should I buy?

Since the mobile apps access your books from the internet, there are no restrictions as to what size you have to buy in order to use the app, but some devices may require a “microSD” card to install applications.

Will the Logos Bible app work with my specific iOS Device? Do I have enough space?

The app will run on any device running iOS 5.1 or later. The app itself does not take up much space at all, but installing offline books may require additional storage. Learn More

Where can I learn more about using the app?

Our free online training materials are constantly being updated. Visit our iOS Training Page for training on using the iOS app. Visit the Android Training Page for training on using the Android app on both Android devices and Kindle Fire.

Payment Plans

What is a payment plan?

A payment plan gives you the option to spread your payment out over several months. If the one–time price is a bit too much, a payment plan can lighten the load.

Who qualifies for a payment plan?

Anyone with a billing address in an approved country. Scroll down to see a table of approved countries.

Which orders qualify?

All orders over $100.00 including tax and shipping.

How many months can I spread my payments over?

You must spend at least $100 to qualify for any payment plan. We offer payment plan options from 2 months to 20 months, depending on the size of your purchase. You will see the payment plan options available for your purchase displayed in your shopping cart.

What will my payment be?

Monthly payments are based on order total including tax and shipping, excluding the price of subscription products that may be on the order. The payment will vary depending on order size, the number of months you choose, and the amount of your initial payment. You can see the payment plan options available for your purchase displayed in your shopping cart, and use a handy selector to see how your monthly payments would change based on your choices.

Do you require a downpayment?

We ask users electing to place an order using our Payment Plan program to make a downpayment of approximately 25% down or $500, whichever is less. Note that you will also be charged your initial $5 payment plan service fee at the time of purchase. This will be reflected in the downpayment price you are shown.

Why am I charged a service fee? Is that interest?

The $5 monthly service fee is not interest, but is collected to cover the very real administrative costs associated with the payment plan.

Is a payment plan consistent with good stewardship?

Payment Plans, like credit cards, can be used either constructively or carelessly. We offer payment plans as a purchase option to allow individuals the opportunity to invest in our Bible study tools in a way that works for them, within their budget constraints.

What happens to the pennies that can’t be divided equally?

Any remaining pennies that cannot be divided equally are included with the initial payment. For example, an order totaling $300.04 paid over three months would be split into one payment of $100.02 followed by two payments of $100.01.

How do I purchase a product using a payment plan?

Shop as usual! You will be presented with a payment plan option during the checkout process on or you can call (800) 875–6467 and ask a sales representative to assist you with a payment plan.

Can I combine multiple payment plans?

Yes. Call (800) 875–6467 and ask a representative how!

Will my payment–plan fees be refunded if I return a product?

No. We do not refund payment–plan fees on returns.

What countries qualify for payment plans?

Currently we allow payment plans in all countries except Venezuela.