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Transform your Bible study at Camp Logos

You know that Logos Bible Software is a powerful tool for Bible study. But what would happen if you learned to use it like a pro?

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Camp Logos is a two-day training session in Bible study using the Logos Desktop. (Computers are provided if you don't have a laptop.)

Trainer Morris Proctor, of Morris Proctor Seminars, has personally taught thousands of people how to get more out of their regular Bible study using Logos Bible Software.

Camp Logos events are held on a regular basis around the country. Check the schedule to see when there's one near you.

Here is a sample of what will be covered:

  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Setting Up the Home Page
  • Studying with Guides and Tools
  • Structuring the Library
  • Staging the Screen
  • Shortcutting the Process
  • Swinging Back By Previous Places
  • Searching the Resources
  • Saving the Research
  • Surveying the Reverse Interlinears
  • Sizing Up the Biblical Text

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To register, contact Morris Proctor Seminars at support@mpseminarsonline.com or visit mpseminars.com