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Products>Mobile Ed: NT344 Paul's Theology and the Letter to the Philippians (3 hour course)

Mobile Ed: NT344 Paul's Theology and the Letter to the Philippians (3 hour course)

, 2015–2016

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What were Paul’s core theological beliefs? What framework did he use to organize his beliefs, and how did these beliefs relate to one another? In this course, Dr. Robert Sloan explores the theological concepts and terminology in Philippians and uses these as a window into the mind of Paul. He moves you beyond a book-level understanding to understanding Paul’s theology as whole.

For a collection of focused courses that will deepen your familiarity with Paul’s prodigious New Testament writing, see the Mobile Ed: Paul’s Letters Bundle (7 courses).

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion you should be able to:

  • Highlight Paul’s overarching message in all of his writings using the book of Philippians
  • Present a Christological approach to the text
  • Systematize Paul’s theology using the text as a framework

Course Outline


  • Introducing the Speaker and the Course

Unit 1: Core Theological Beliefs in Philippians

  • Introducing the Core Theological Beliefs in Philippians
  • The Biblical God of Creation, Redemption, and Restoration
  • The Biblical Narrative Reveals God’s Purposes
  • Identifying the People of God
  • Finding and Studying Old Testament Passages Quoted in the New Testament
  • The People of God Are Those in Christ

Unit 2: Christ and the Gospel in Philippians

  • Jesus Is the Messiah
  • Jesus the Son Acts as the Agent of God
  • The Incarnate Jesus Represents God’s People before God
  • “In Christ” as Federalism and Substitution
  • Researching Passages on Christ as the “Second Adam”
  • Gospel from the Old Testament to the Preaching of Jesus
  • “Gospel”: Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Unit 3: Other Theological Themes in Philippians

  • Discipleship
  • Resurrection and New Creation
  • Researching the “New Creation”
  • The Journey of Death
  • Assurance of Salvation
  • The Work of the Spirit


  • Encapsulating Pauline Theology in Philippians

Product Details

  • Title: NT344 Paul’s Theology and the Letter to the Philippians
  • Instructor: Robert B. Sloan, Jr.
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Video Hours: 3
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About the Instructor

Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr. is the president of Houston Baptist University and previously served as president and chancellor of Baylor University, where he was a member of the faculty and the founding dean of George W. Truett Theological Seminary. Dr. Sloan has published extensively and has pastored churches throughout Texas and beyond.


Getting the most out of Mobile Ed


Logos Mobile Education is a highly effective cross-platform learning environment that integrates world class teaching with the powerful study tools and theological libraries available in Logos Bible Software. Every course provides links to additional resources and suggested readings that supplement the lecture material at the end of every transcript segment.

This course was produced with screencast videos. These videos provide tutorials showing you how to use Logos Bible Software in ways that are tied directly into the content of the course. We are now producing Activities resources as a replacement for screencast videos. We plan on updating this course to include this additional Activities resource in the future for no extra charge.



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Save extra on academic resources through June 7


Regular price: $109.99
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