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Products>Mobile Ed: CS261 Christian Marriage: The Beautiful Order for Christian Marriage (7 hour course)

Mobile Ed: CS261 Christian Marriage: The Beautiful Order for Christian Marriage (7 hour course)

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In Christian Marriage: The Beautiful Order for Christian Marriage, Dr. David Ayers provides an in-depth look at Christian marriage, beginning with its definition and design by God. Dr. Ayers explores God’s purposes for marriage, unpacking them historically, theologically, and biblically. He also looks at what social science research and data says about the purpose of marriage and how much this affirms what the Bible expects us to see in terms of how marriage works and what happens when marriage doesn’t work. Dr. Ayers includes some practical teaching on choosing a spouse and dealing with the premarital part of life, and examines some of the causes and issues surrounding divorce. The course concludes with guidance for building strong marriages including some strategies for churches to help build stronger marriages.

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  • Describe God’s design for marriage
  • Explain how the Reformers corrected the early churches’ mistakes on human sexuality
  • Make better choices as you seek to find a mate
  • Describe the rise of recreational dating and its negative consequences for human relationships
  • Avoid common mistakes that increase the likelihood of future divorce
  • Explain the tragic effects of divorce on adults and children
  • Understand the significance of marriage from God’s point-of-view
  • Develop church programs/practices that help people build strong marriages
  • Recognize the importance of restoring the connection between marriage, sex, and procreatio


  • Introducing the Speaker and Course

Unit 1: Defining Christian Marriage

  • Design: A Critical Issue
  • Defining Marriage: Opening Thoughts
  • Specific Elements of Marriage: One-Flesh Consummation
  • Specific Elements of Marriage: Common Law, Covenantal, Conjugal
  • Specific Elements of Marriage: Heterosexual, Lifelong, Freely Entered Into
  • Specific Elements of Marriage: A Reflection of the Trinity
  • Marriage Is Not a Sacrament

Unit 2: God’s Purposes for Marriage: Mutual Help

  • Purposes of Marriage: Roman Catholic and Protestant Views
  • Purposes of Marriage: Marriage, Sex, and Children
  • Mutual Help: Old Testament Examples
  • Mutual Help: Benefits of Marriage
  • Mutual Help: Self-Sacrifice
  • Mutual Help: Mutual Interests Unnecessary; Non-Gender-Specific Roles

Unit 3: God’s Purposes for Marriage: Sexual Fulfillment

  • Two Men Named John
  • Human Sexuality before and after the Fall
  • Confronting Errors of the Early and Medieval Churches
  • Reformers Recovered Biblical View of Sex
  • Recapturing Positive Views of Marital Sex
  • Puritans’ Views of Sex in Marriage
  • Sex and Marital Happiness
  • Error of Today’s Church: Sexual Liberalism
  • More Evangelical Statistics
  • Deeper View of Sex and Marriage

Unit 4: God’s Purposes for Marriage: Children

  • Procreation: Two Views
  • God Ties Procreating and Raising Children to Marriage
  • Children and Marriage Naturally Go Together
  • God Views Children as a Blessing
  • Children as a Blessing: Helpful Considerations
  • Major Problems in Belief and Practice among Americans
  • Cohabitation and Divorce
  • The Married Parent Advantage

Unit 5: Dating and Mate Selection

  • Pursuing a Godly Marriage Partner
  • Moral Examples and Moral Warnings
  • Pre-Dating Courtship
  • Rise of Modern Recreational Dating
  • Concerns about Recreational Dating: Using Adolescent Ideals for a Life Partner
  • Concerns about Recreational Dating: Pre-Marital Sex
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Dating: First the Don’ts
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Dating: Positive Practices

Unit 6: The Modern Divorce Plague

  • Martin Luther and Jesus on Divorce
  • Divorce Should Be Rare among Christians
  • Democratization of Divorce
  • Rise of Expressive Divorce
  • Recent Declines in Divorce Rates
  • Evangelicals and Divorce: Attitudes toward Divorce
  • Evangelicals and Divorce: Statistical Comparisons
  • Final Thoughts on Our Divorce Problem

Unit 7: Divorce: Associations, Causes and Prevention

  • Getting the Big Picture
  • Framing Divorce Practically
  • Impact of Divorce on Children
  • Causes of Divorce
  • Non-Marital Cohabitation
  • Church Attendance
  • Consideration of Early Marriage and Finances
  • Effective Communication and Conflict Management Skills
  • Risk Factors beyond Our Control
  • Remarriage and Age Differences
  • Differences of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality
  • Final Thoughts on Divorce and Its Prevention

Unit 8: Building Strong Marriages

  • Families and Churches: Mutual Dependence
  • Pastoral Fears of Speaking on Marriage Issues
  • Appropriate Standards for Pastors and Leaders
  • Normal Christianity
  • Importance of Church Attendance
  • Ministry to Families
  • Teaching about Sex
  • Dating, Cohabitation, and Pre-Marital Preparation
  • Access to Expert Help


  • Strengthening Christian Marriage
  • Title: CS261 Christian Marriage: The Beautiful Order for Christian Marriage
  • Instructor: David J. Ayers
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Video Hours: 7
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David J. Ayers is professor of sociology in the Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters at Grove City College, Pennsylvania. Until recently he also served as dean, and as interim provost and vice president for academic affairs. He holds his PhD in Sociology from New York University and has written three books, Christian Marriage: A Comprehensive Introduction (2018), Experiencing Social Research (2001) and Investigating Social Problems (2004), as well as numerous articles and book chapters. He has taught courses on marriage and family for about thirty years.


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    Collection value: $385.00
    Save $125.01 (32%)
    Payment plans available in cart