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Mobile Ed: LD101 Introducing Ministry Leadership
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Mobile Ed: LD101 Introducing Ministry Leadership

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Lexham Press 2016

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In LD101, Dr. Irving introduces the critical subject of ministry leadership. Effective leadership is an essential component of any healthy organization, but what makes ministry leadership unique? In addition to providing surveys of contemporary leadership theories and obstacles to effective leadership, Dr. Irving explains the uniquely Christian approach to leadership, offering biblical examples from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. This course also demonstrates how the radical nature of servant leadership can transform your ministry.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Approaching Leadership from a Christian Perspective

  • What Is a Christian Perspective on Leadership?
  • A New Testament Example from Philippians 2: Part 1
  • A New Testament Example from Philippians 2: Part 2
  • An Old Testament Example: Joshua
  • Joshua: Leadership in Early Life
  • Joshua: Leadership Tried and Tested—Succession and Success
  • Joshua: Leadership Calling and Courage
  • Joshua: Leadership Failure
  • Joshua: Leadership Legacy
  • Theoretically Informed: Leadership and Management
  • Theoretically Informed: Setting Direction and Vision: Part 1
  • Theoretically Informed: Setting Direction and Vision: Part 2
  • Practically and Contextually Situated: Part 1
  • Practically and Contextually Situated: Part 2
  • A Christian Approach to Leadership

Unit 2: Frameworks for Ministry Leadership

  • Purpose in Leadership: Part 1
  • Purpose in Leadership: Part 2
  • Path-Goal Leadership Theory and Behavior
  • Follow Focused
  • Servant Leadership: Mark 10:35–45
  • Servant Leadership: Contemporary Models 1
  • Servant Leadership: Contemporary Models 2
  • Servant Leadership: Beginning with Authentic Leaders
  • Servant Leadership: Understanding the Priority of People
  • Servant Leadership: Helping Followers Navigate toward Effectiveness
  • Servant Leadership: John 13
  • Motivating through Purpose

Unit 3: Self-Leadership

  • Introduction to Self-Leadership
  • Values and Virtues
  • The Dark Side of Leadership
  • Leadership Emergence Theory
  • Leadership Antecedents and Resilience
  • Life Goals and Motivation
  • Basic Conflict Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence: Part 1
  • Emotional Intelligence: Part 2
  • Personality Styles and Strengths in Leadership: Myers-Briggs
  • Personality Styles and Strengths in Leadership: StrengthsFinder

Unit 4: Leading Individuals

  • History of Leadership Theory
  • Situational Approaches to Leadership
  • Follower-Oriented Leadership Theories

Unit 5: Leading Teams and Groups

  • Introduction to Team Leadership
  • Teams versus Groups
  • What Makes for an Effective Team Member?
  • What Makes for Effective Team Relationships?
  • Standard Developmental Sequence of Teams and Groups
  • The Role of the Leader on Teams
  • Team Leadership Models
  • Dimensions of Team Leadership and Dysfunctions of a Team

Unit 6: Leading Churches and Organizations

  • Introducing Leadership at the Organizational Level
  • Attitudes toward People: Theories X and Y
  • Attitudes toward People: Theory Z
  • Systems Thinking
  • Organizational Roles
  • Communicating Effectively as a Leader
  • Level-Five Leadership
  • Can Level-Five Leadership Be Developed?
  • Myth of Excellence
  • Types of Change to Consider
  • Leadership in Emergent Self-Organization
  • Reimagining the Church
  • The Four-Frame Model
  • “The Advantage” and Teams

Product Details

  • Title: LD101 Introducing Ministry Leadership
  • Instructor: Justin Irving
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Video Hours: 9

About Justin Irving

Dr. Justin Irving is the director of the doctor of ministry program and professor of ministry leadership at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Dr. Irving has served as a worship leader and a pastor of leadership development and outreach in the local church. He has focused his writing and research on servant leadership, team leadership in the global context, self-sacrificial leadership, and the relationship between servant leadership and the effectiveness of teams in diverse ethno-linguistic communities.

Getting the most out of Mobile Ed

Mobile Ed’s integration with Logos Bible Software creates an unparalleled learning environment. Lectures are fully searchable and linked to the rest of your library. We transcribe every word so you can focus on adding your own reflections as you watch and read along. Suggested readings open with a click, and video tutorials show you how to use Logos to research your topic even further.

With any Logos base package, you will be able to view the lectures and interact with the transcripts. For the best learning experience, we recommend Logos Platinum.

  • Readings for the courses are often tailored to Platinum because the larger library provides access to a wide range of suggested resources and increases search results for further study.
  • The Platinum collection best matches the resources used in video tutorials. It includes a breadth of commentaries, original-language studies, and over 1,400 resources to deepen your study.