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BI290 A Biblical Theology of End Times

BI290 A Biblical Theology of End Times

Jon Paulien

| Lexham Press | 2015


This course will give you a view of eschatology as seen through the whole of Scripture. Dr. Paulien begins with the roots of eschatology in Genesis and takes you through the prophecies in the Old Testament, Jewish apocalyptic literature, the Gospels, Paul’s letters, and finally to Revelation. He helps you understand the text by explaining what the biblical authors believed in their time and place about the last days.

Author Bio

Dr. Jon Paulien is Professor of New Testament and Dean of the School of Religion at Loma Linda University. He specializes in the study of the Johannine literature in the New Testament (Gospel of John and book of Revelation) and the intersection of faith with contemporary culture. He is the author of over 25 books, including Everlasting Gospel, Ever-Changing World: Introducing Jesus to a Skeptical GenerationJohn: The Beloved GospelThe Day That Changed the World: Seeking God after September 11; and Everyday Faith: How to Have an Authentic Relationship with God in the Real World. Several of his books have been translated into Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Slovak, German, Latvian, Portuguese, and other languages.

Dr. Paulien has also written over 100 articles (appearing in journals including Ministry, the Journal of Biblical LiteratureAndrews University Seminary Studies, and the Adventist Review), scholarly papers, and other publications. He has taught and presented in several countries and takes special delight in presenting his material to non-specialists who can put it to practical use in the real world.

A graduate of Atlantic Union College (BA) and Andrews University (MDiv, PhD), Dr. Paulien enjoys traveling, playing golf, and spending time with his wife Pamella and their three children.