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Products>Mobile Ed: Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew in Logos (2 courses)

Mobile Ed: Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew in Logos (2 courses)

Digital Logos Edition

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Whether you want to learn Greek and Hebrew for the first time or are simply looking for a refresher, Michael Heiser and H. Daniel Zacharias are excellent guides. With this tools-based approach, you’ll learn the terminology, tools, and methods needed to interpret words and passages of Scripture—without memorization.

  • Focused on exegesis. Rather than having you memorize vocabulary or translate phrases into English, lessons focus on using Greek and Hebrew to interpret the meaning of the text. Learn grammatical terms and concepts, proper methods for doing word studies, and common mistakes to avoid.
  • Equipping you with tools. Video tutorials show you how to use the advanced language tools in Logos. You’ll also learn how to use dictionaries and lexicons, reverse interlinears, commentaries, and more.
  • Connected to your library. Each course is transcribed and becomes a searchable Logos resource connected to grammars, reverse interlinears, and other resources in your library. Read along as you watch the lectures and jump to recommended readings with a click.
  • Learning on your schedule. Watch 5–10-minute lectures from your mobile device or computer, whenever your schedule allows. Set your own pace, and then track your progress with quizzes and exams. These courses contain over 20 hours of lectures and demonstrations that will take you all the way from understanding the basics to performing practical advanced research techniques.
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5 ratings

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  1. Malcolm Webber
    I've gone through the Greek part of this so far and it is outstanding. Focuses on getting to know the Greek using the Logos system and resources. Fantastic for someone new to Greek and for someone who wants to brush up on it!
  2. Randall Barkman
  3. Keith Pang

    Keith Pang


    no upgrade price for those who own the previous version. shame
  4. jeffrey allen Hill
    I see allot of people with the same questions what is the difference between this version and the one I already own. It should be upgraded for free to everyone who already purchased the first version
  5. Matt Hamrick

    Matt Hamrick


  6. Joshua



    These two courses are simply amazing! Both Dr Heiser and Dr Zacharias give extensive coverage on using Logos to interpret Hebrew and Greek respectively. They have their different distinctive styles which give added value to understanding how Logos work with different languages. The included book Biblical Greek Made Simple follows a more traditional way of learning Greek which although is quite different from the video course, give additional value to the bundle. Overall, the courses are a joy to follow.
  7. Kevin McKanna

    Kevin McKanna


    How different is this bundle from LA 151 and 161?
  8. Wonderer



    Is there a comparison chart to clearly track the differences between older versions and this one? I am very interested, but I first want to make sure that I understand what new details (topics, skills, tools, videos, etc) this investment would address. Thank you.
  9. Ron B

    Ron B


    What is the difference this upgrade and what I already have?
  10. Will



    Not sure how to purchase as it is show the full price not the price for previous owners... how do we purchase at the sale price😊


Collection value: $1,005.99
Save $346.00 (34%)
Starting at $53.13/mo at checkout