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Products>Mobile Ed: TH200 Christian Thought: Orthodoxy and Heresy (8 hour course)

Mobile Ed: TH200 Christian Thought: Orthodoxy and Heresy (8 hour course)

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In her approachable and relatable teaching style, Dr. Beth Felker Jones explains major doctrines and heresies of the Christian faith. She describes the concepts of divine revelation, the Trinity, the fall, salvation, grace and free will, and the differences between Calvinism and Arminianism. You’ll gain a basic understanding of pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit), ecclesiology (the study of the Church), eschatology (the study of end times), and the many related heresies. Additionally, you’ll learn to harmonize Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason in understanding and forming your own theology.

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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion you should be able to:

  • Discuss the value of studying doctrine
  • Explain the Wesleyan Quadrilateral and how it aids the study of theology
  • Summarize the orthodox positions of the major doctrines
  • Describe heresies associated with the essential doctrines
  • Identify the major creeds of the Christian church, and discuss their contribution to orthodoxy

Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Theology

  • Why Study Doctrine?
  • What Is Doctrine?
  • Orthodoxy and Heresy
  • The Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Introduction
  • The Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Scripture and Tradition
  • The Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Reason
  • The Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Experience

Unit 2: Revelation

  • General and Special Revelation
  • Searching for Modes of Revelation Using a Basic Search and Clippings
  • Relationship between General and Special Revelation
  • Inspiration and Illumination
  • Heresies Regarding Revelation
  • Inerrancy and Infallibility

Unit 3: The Trinity

  • The Doctrine of the Trinity
  • Trinitarian Heresies: Adoptionism
  • Trinitarian Heresies: Modalism
  • Trinitarian Heresies: Arianism
  • Trinitarian Orthodoxy: The Nicene Creed
  • Trinitarian Orthodoxy: Affirmations of the Nicene Creed
  • Trinitarian Orthodoxy: Scripture and Trinitarian Language
  • Trinitarian Orthodoxy: Life as Relationship
  • Trinitarian Orthodoxy: The Trinity and Worship

Unit 4: Creation and Providence

  • The Genesis Narrative
  • Using the Faithlife Study Bible to Explore Creation Accounts
  • The Creator/Creature Distinction
  • Creation Out of Nothing
  • Created Goodness and Gnosticism
  • Providence
  • Creation and Providence: Summary

Unit 5: Humanity

  • Which Human Nature?
  • Middle Creatures and Opposing Heresies
  • Created in the Image of God
  • The Image of God (Gen 1:26–27): Collections and Custom Guides
  • The Fall and Related Heresies
  • Original Sin and Related Heresies
  • True Humanity in Christ

Unit 6: Christ

  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Christological Controversies
  • Christological Heresies: Apollinarianism
  • Christological Heresies: Monophysitism
  • Christological Heresies: Nestorianism
  • Orthodox Christology
  • The Hypostatic Union
  • Heretical and Orthodox Christology
  • Studying the Christological Controversies Using the Ancient Literature Section

Unit 7: Salvation

  • Introduction to the Doctrine of Salvation
  • Beginnings: The Way of Salvation
  • Justification and Related Heresies
  • Sanctification and Related Heresies
  • Final Redemption
  • Grace and Human Freedom: Arminianism
  • Grace and Human Freedom: Calvinism
  • Models of Atonement: Deification
  • Models of Atonement: Christus Victor
  • Models of Atonement: Cross-Centered Models
  • Models of Atonement: Moral Exemplar

Unit 8: Spirit

  • Introduction to Pneumatology
  • The Spirit and Prayer
  • The Procession of the Spirit
  • Gendered Language
  • Discovering How John Personalizes the Spirit in John 16:13
  • The Spirit and Vague Spirituality
  • Sanctifying Grace
  • Searching Holiness Terms in the Pauline Epistles
  • Charismatic Gifts
  • The Age of Pentecost

Unit 9: Church

  • Introduction to Ecclesiology
  • Body and Bride
  • Marks of the Church
  • The Donatist Controversy
  • Unity in Brokenness
  • The Church and Sacrament
  • The Church's Understanding of Sacraments

Unit 10: Last Things

  • Introduction to Eschatology
  • Eschatological Tension
  • Not Yet
  • Waiting in Eager Expectation
  • Studying Eschatology with Tilde and Milestone Searches (Matt 24:36)
  • The Resurrection of the Body
  • The “Already” of Resurrection
  • The “Not Yet” of Resurrection
  • Using Louw-Nida to Understand Sōma in 1 Corinthians
  • Conclusion

Product Details

  • Title: TH200 Christian Thought: Orthodoxy and Heresy
  • Instructor: Beth Felker Jones
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Video Hours: 8
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About Beth Felker Jones

Dr. Beth Felker Jones teaches theology at Wheaton College and earned her PhD at Duke University. Dr. Jones is the author of several books, including a study of the bodily resurrection titled The Marks of His Wounds (Oxford University Press, 2007), God the Spirit (Cascade, 2014), and Practicing Christian Doctrine (Baker Academic, 2014). She also writes for The Christian Century and is committed to writing theology for the church. Dr. Jones’ interests include conversion, theology and gender, and what it means to be human in Christ. She and her husband, Brian, have four children.


Getting the most out of Mobile Ed


Logos Mobile Education is a highly effective cross-platform learning environment that integrates world class teaching with the powerful study tools and theological libraries available in Logos Bible Software. Every course provides links to additional resources and suggested readings that supplement the lecture material at the end of every transcript segment.

This course was produced with screencast videos. These videos provide tutorials showing you how to use Logos Bible Software in ways that are tied directly into the content of the course. We are now producing Activities resources as a replacement for screencast videos. We plan on updating this course to include this additional Activities resource in the future for no extra charge.



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  1. Matt DeVore

    Matt DeVore


  2. Bill



  3. Donovan Neufeldt
    Does anyone know her take on eschatology and modern day prophecy?
  4. Donovan Neufeldt
    Does anyone know her take on eschatology and modern day prophecy?
  5. Donovan Neufeldt
    Does anyone know her take on eschatology and modern day prophecy?
  6. Donovan Neufeldt
    Does anyone know her take on eschatology and modern day prophecy?
  7. Donovan Neufeldt
    Does anyone know her take on eschatology and modern day prophecy?
  8. Donovan Neufeldt
    Does anyone know her take on eschatology and modern day prophecy?


Collection value: $439.99
Save $140.00 (31%)
Payment plans available in cart