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Products>Mobile Ed: Interactive Greek Alphabet Course (1 hour course)

Mobile Ed: Interactive Greek Alphabet Course (1 hour course)

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For serious theological study you need to be able to recognize the original words of the New Testament since they regularly appear in commentaries and lexicons. This course will make you feel at ease when you encounter such references by teaching you the Greek alphabet and showing you how to pronounce whole words. To help you master the Greek alphabet, each lesson has an interactive activity section with various experiential exercises, such as game-type drills, an alphabet song, and quizzes. There are also reference sections with additional information and materials such as printable charts. This course has two versions that teach different pronunciation systems: Koine (GK091) and Erasmian (GK092). Both versions are bundled together so you can compare them and decide which you want to learn. Whether you are just curious about the alphabet or are planning to study biblical Greek, this course provides a fantastic foundation for recognizing Greek letters and words so you can work with all of the words the Lord has preserved for us in the New Testament.

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Upon successful completion you should be able to:

  • Recite the Greek alphabet
  • Distinguish Greek vowels and the various types of consonants
  • Understand how diacritical marks affect pronunciation
  • Pronounce Greek words
  • Read Greek passages aloud
  • Begin learning Greek vocabulary words
  • Reference various Greek pronunciation systems
  • Title: Interactive Greek Alphabet Course
  • Instructor: John D. Schwandt
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education Interactive feature set
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 2
  • Video Hours: 2
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Getting the most out of Mobile Ed


Logos Mobile Education is a highly effective cross-platform learning environment that integrates world class teaching with the powerful study tools and theological libraries available in Logos Bible Software. Every course provides links to additional resources and suggested readings that supplement the lecture material at the end of every transcript segment.

This course was produced with screencast videos. These videos provide tutorials showing you how to use Logos Bible Software in ways that are tied directly into the content of the course. We are now producing Activities resources as a replacement for screencast videos. We plan on updating this course to include this additional Activities resource in the future for no extra charge.



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  1. Forrest Cole

    Forrest Cole


  2. Benjamin Allen
    A great primer for GK101 course
  3. William Trujillo
  4. JesusisKing



    I do not own this, so I am just asking a question. Will there be a Hebrew version of this course?
  5. James Gilbert, Jr
  6. Edward Wright
  7. BoCharmer



  8. joe_bourne1951@hotmail.com
  9. Douglas Estes

    Douglas Estes


  10. Andrew Nutter

    Andrew Nutter



Collection value: $64.96
Save $24.97 (38%)