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Products>Mobile Ed: PC255 Biblical Principles for Diversity and Reconciliation in Ministry (5 hour course)

Mobile Ed: PC255 Biblical Principles for Diversity and Reconciliation in Ministry (5 hour course)

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In Biblical Principles for Diversity and Reconciliation in Ministry (PC255), Walter R. Strickland II discusses the importance of developing a multicultural vision of every tribe, tongue, and nation in your ministry. Dr. Strickland starts by laying out biblical and theological foundations for why diversity is important. From there, he describes three levels of racial bias and talks about how to develop a diversity plan. Dr. Strickland gives important practical tips for diversity and reconciliation in various church ministries and talks about how to address hot topics relating to race.

The Church has a crucial role in being an answer to the hope that’s within us on this volatile issue in this country. This course will provide you with some tools and theological categories to begin not only to understand why we should pursue racial reconciliation and diversity but also to give you some skills and tips for how to go about it.

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  • Make the case that diverse human races and cultures are part of God’s plan for humanity
  • Describe three manifestations of racial bias
  • Create a church environment that welcomes those of different cultures
  • Explain the #TakeAKnee and #BlackLivesMatter movements
  • Better understand the history, feelings, and experiences of African Americans
  • Enter into the process of racial reconciliation wherever God has planted you


  • Introducing the Speaker and Course

Unit 1: The Bible and Diversity

  • How Should Christians Think about Diversity and Reconciliation?
  • Biblical and Theological Foundations: God’s Heart for All Nations
  • Biblical and Theological Solutions for Racism
  • Understanding Ourselves Biblically
  • Blind Spots and Reading Scripture
  • Why Do We Pursue God’s Plan for Diversity?
  • Story and State of the Church

Unit 2: Manifestations of Racial Bias

  • First Layer: Individual Racism
  • Second Layer: Structural/Systemic Racism
  • Third Layer: Hermeneutical Bias
  • Comprehensive Diversity Plan

Unit 3: Ministries of the Church

  • Preaching
  • Preachers’ Blind Spots Show Up in Their People
  • Ministering to the Whole People of God: Practical Steps
  • Corporate Worship
  • Church-Affiliated Trips and Activities
  • Cultural Awareness in Discipleship
  • Contextual Awareness in Discipleship: My Story
  • Discipleship: Where Do We Go from Here?

Unit 4: Fundamentals for Reconciliation

  • Awkwardness
  • Self-Displacement
  • Biblical Language: Ethnicity, Culture, and Race
  • Age-Appropriate Interaction with Race and Ethnicity

Unit 5: Hot Topics

  • Why Address Hot Topics?
  • Shepherding in the Aftermath of a Racialized Event
  • Engaging “Color Blindness”
  • Politics
  • Engaging #TakeAKnee with a One-Another Mindset
  • Social Media and Communication
  • Race and Social Media
  • Privilege
  • Biblical Foundations for Justice
  • Questions about Justice
  • Black Lives Matter

Unit 6: Staffing and Leadership

  • Office Culture
  • Leading Reconciliation
  • Implementing a Diversity Strategy
  • Avoiding Tokenism

Unit 7: Helping Minority Leaders to Thrive

  • Cultivating Empathy
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence


  • Every Tribe, Tongue, and Nation
  • Title: PC255 Biblical Principles for Diversity and Reconciliation in Ministry
  • Instructor: Walter R. Strickland II
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Video Hours: 5
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Walter R. Strickland II is special advisor to the president for diversity and instructor of theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Strickland holds an MDiv and ThM from Southeastern and is pursuing a PhD in theology from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland).


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  1. Steven Lang

    Steven Lang


    So sad to see Logos now peddling Black Liberation Theology, Wokenenss and CRT heresy. Shameful
  2. Pastor Duret C. Gray
  3. Faithlife User


Collection value: $275.00
Save $85.01 (30%)
Payment plans available in cart