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Products>Mobile Ed: TH242 Christology: The Person and Work of Christ (10 hour course)

Mobile Ed: TH242 Christology: The Person and Work of Christ (10 hour course)

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In Christology: The Person and Work of Christ Dr. Lane Tipton maps out the distinctive features of the person and work of Jesus Christ, to help you see more clearly His significance. Dr. Tipton focuses on Christ from a Reformed perspective, beginning with an overview of the person and work of Christ as well as historical developments in Christology. From there, he takes an in-depth look at three main passages—Col 1:15–20, Heb 1:1–4, Phil 2:5–11—to glean authoritative teaching concerning the person and work of Christ. The course concludes by examining Heb 8–9, with an emphasis on Jesus’ role as heavenly high priest. The course will lead you to a deeper and richer understanding of the gospel as you grow in your understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ

Resource Experts

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion you should be able to:

  • Explain the significance of Christ being both firstborn and firstfruits
  • Describe Jesus’ relationship to the Father
  • Grow in gratitude to Jesus as you better understand his sacrifices on your behalf
  • Explain the Old Testament imagery from the Book of Hebrews and how it relates to the new covenant
  • Understand what it means for Christ to be the eternal image and the form of God
  • Describe Christ’s work both before and after his resurrection
  • Recognize the importance of studying Christology for a better walk with God

Course Outline


  • Introducing the Speaker and Course

Unit 1: Overview: Historical and Theological Considerations

  • Preliminary Comments about the Person and Work of Christ (Part 1)
  • Preliminary Comments about the Person and Work of Christ (Part 2)
  • Classically Reformed Christology
  • The Person of Christ: Westminster Standards (Part 1)
  • The Person of Christ: Westminster Standards (Part 2)
  • Biblical Christology Texts
  • Priority of the Divine Person in the Hypostatic Union
  • The Work of Christ (Part 1)
  • The Work of Christ (Part 2)
  • The Work of Christ (Part 3)

Unit 2: Comprehensive Scope of Christology I: Colossians 1:15–20

  • Introductory Considerations
  • Literary Structure
  • Literary Structure and Theological Significance
  • Preexistence and Divine Activity: Creation (Part 1)
  • Preexistence and Divine Activity: Creation (Part 2)
  • Eternal Image of God (Part 1)
  • Eternal Image of God (Part 2)
  • Eternal Image of God (Part 3)
  • Firstborn of All Creation
  • Eternal Image of God (Part 4)
  • Transition: Colossians 1:17
  • Transition: Colossians 1:18
  • Christ as Firstborn from the Dead
  • Christ as the Beginning
  • Christ as Head of the Body
  • Firstborn Revisited (Part 1)
  • Firstborn Revisited (Part 2)
  • In Him Dwells the Fullness
  • Christ as the Fullness
  • All the Fullness of Deity
  • Cosmic Reconciliation
  • Personal Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation: Cosmic and Ecclesial
  • Postscript on Colossians 1:15–20

Unit 3: Comprehensive Scope of Christology II: Hebrews 1:1–4

  • History of Special Revelation (Part 1)
  • History of Special Revelation (Part 2)
  • History of Special Revelation (Part 3)
  • History of Special Revelation (Part 4)
  • Chiastic Structure (Part 1)
  • Chiastic Structure (Part 2)
  • The Son as Inheritor of All Things
  • Agent of Creation
  • Eternal Person of God the Son
  • Radiance of Glory (Part 1)
  • Radiance of Glory (Part 2)
  • Exact Impress of the Divine Nature
  • Glory and Nature
  • Theological Implications (Part 1)
  • Theological Implications (Part 2)
  • Bearing up All Things
  • Melchizedek Priesthood (Part 1)
  • Melchizedek Priesthood (Part 2)
  • Sonship and Angels (Part 1)
  • Sonship and Angels (Part 2)

Unit 4: Comprehensive Scope of Christology III: Philippians 2:5–11

  • General Introduction (Part 1)
  • General Introduction (Part 2)
  • General Introduction (Part 3)
  • General Introduction (Part 4)
  • Preexistence: Form of God
  • Preexistence: Equal with God
  • Preexistence: Theological Implications (Part 1)
  • Trinitarian Self-Consciousness
  • Preexistence: Theological Implications (Part 2)
  • Preexistence: Two-Adam Christology
  • Concluding Exegetical Reflection
  • Incarnation: Grammatical Observations
  • Kenosis Theory
  • He Emptied Himself
  • Form of a Servant
  • Likeness of Man
  • Theological Implications: One Person, Two Natures
  • He Humbled Himself
  • Obedience to Death on the Cross
  • Exaltation: Introductory Considerations
  • Exaltation of the Son
  • Logic of Exaltation
  • Name Above Every Name
  • Merit of Christ (Part 1)
  • Merit of Christ (Part 2)

Unit 5: Comprehensive Scope of Christology IV: Hebrews 8–9

  • Introduction to High Priesthood: Two Estates
  • Introduction to Hebrews
  • Old and New Covenant Tabernacles
  • Priesthood and Sacrifice (Part 1)
  • Priesthood and Sacrifice (Part 2)
  • Priesthood and Sacrifice (Part 3)
  • Heavenly High Priesthood of Christ
  • Complete Yet Ongoing Work of Christ
  • Servant in Heaven
  • Bringing Many to Glory and Rest


  • Deeper and Richer Understanding

Product Details

  • Title: TH242 Christology: The Person and Work of Christ
  • Instructor: Lane G. Tipton
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio (forthcoming), and video resources
  • Courses: 1
  • Video Hours: 11
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About Lane G. Tipton

Dr. Lane G. Tipton is the Charles W. Krahe Chair Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. He has taught at Westminster since 2003 and is ordained as a teacher in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He coedited the anthologies Revelation and Reason: New Essays in Reformed Apologetics (2007), with K. Scott Oliphint, and Resurrection and Eschatology: Theology in Service of the Church; Essays in Honor of Richard B. Gaffin Jr. (2008), with Jeffrey C. Waddington. His essays include “The Gospel and Redemptive-Historical Hermeneutics,” “Resurrection, Proof and Presuppositionalism: Acts 17:30–31,” and “Biblical Theology and the Westminster Standards Revisited: Union with Christ and Justification ‘Sola Fide.’ ”


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Collection value: $550.00
Save $170.01 (30%)
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