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    Logos 5’s updated Information Panel gives you immediate answers to your immediate questions.

    • »Instantly understand difficult or unusual words.
    • »See how different Bibles translate any word.
    • »Get instant links to the Greek and Hebrew.
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    Instant information as you read

    Look up difficult or intriguing words without leaving your Bible. Just keep the Information Panel open to get the facts you need.

     Logos breaks down language barriers

    Logos breaks down
    language barriers

    Hover over any Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic word in your Bible and get instant definitions, translations, audio pronunciations, Strong’s numbers, and more.

     Alternative translations

    Alternative translations

    Without opening all your other Bibles, the Information Panel shows you how any word is translated in other versions.

     New: find the “who” and “what”

    New: find the “who” and “what”

    Logos 5 knows every clause’s speaker and subject, giving you insight into pronouns, nicknames, and actions.

    Get immediate answers with Logos 5.

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