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No matter whether you’re looking for more detail about biblical people and places, background on significant historical events, or insight into a theological topic, the Factbook will get you started. The Factbook is one of the most powerful features of Logos, and it makes almost any biblical or theological term easily searchable.

Get more Factbook training

Get the Facts on People, Events, and Themes

Search by characters or books of the Bible

Want some more background on David’s life? Take a look at the entry on David—and explore media, events, and dictionary entries. Or if you’re prepping a series through 1–2 Samuel, you can type the name of the book instead.

Look up significant historical events

Explore events throughout biblical history, Church history, and even parts of world history in the Factbook.

Research important biblical themes

Enter “glory” in the Factbook, and you’ll find all sorts of helpful information—including key articles and passages, preaching resources, books in your library, and much more.

Explore theological concepts

Start your theological research with the Factbook to find quick guides to all of the major topics in systematic theology. Enter “sanctification” in the Factbook to begin exploring.

Dive into biblical books with Bible Book Guides

Explore the background of all of the books of the Bible, including details about authorship, genre, setting, form, content, and more.


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