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  1. Logos 5 features

    Explore the Bible, understand the original languages, craft sermons, and more. Logos 5 connects you to the Word.


    See it all, from Genesis to the present—biblical, church, and world history. Timeline events link to more information, so you can go deeper.

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    Bible Facts

    Get instant information on any biblical person, place, thing, or event. When you come across an unfamiliar person or word, Bible Facts gets you up to speed.

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    Sermon Starter Guide

    Brainstorm sermon ideas in seconds. Type in a passage or topic and get a smart list of related Scriptures, commentaries, outline suggestions, sermon illustrations, and visual aids.

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    Topic Guide

    See what the Bible says about important issues. The Topic Guide connects biblical topics to key passages, scholarly articles, and profiles of related people, places, things, and events.

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    Bible Sense Lexicon

    Go beyond biblical words—see how meanings relate. The Bible Sense Lexicon connects Greek, Hebrew, and English word senses, so you can discover how specific or general a given term is.

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    Logos 5 builds your bibliography for you. When you’re done studying, Logos instantly creates a bibliography you can annotate and export to your word processor.

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    Search Suggestions

    Run smarter searches, whether simple or complex. Logos 5 suggests specific queries, so you can find precisely what you’re looking for.

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    Scripture Memory Tool

    Learn your favorite passages by heart. Logos 5’s tools make it easy to memorize any portion of Scripture.

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    Bible Word Study

    See any biblical word’s roots and meanings. Explore graphs and charts detailing your word’s usage and translation, trace its etymology, and understand how it connects to other words.

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    Passage Guide

    Get fast, comprehensive information on any passage—commentary notes, cross-references, scholarly articles, classical insights, images, and more.

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    Exegetical Guide

    Know the Bible in its original languages—no Greek or Hebrew experience required. Perform word studies, follow complex sentences, and get comfortable with Greek and Hebrew pronunciation.

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    Ground your Christian community in the Word with shared reading plans, Popular Highlights, Community Notes, and more.

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    Information Panel

    Get an instant overview of any biblical word’s usage and translation—without leaving your Bible.

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    New Look

    Customize your layout and homepage content with Logos 5’s fresh, elegant interface.

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    Preview your books before you open them, sort your library by importance, and search by description or bibliographic data.


    Choose from more resources than ever before—over 30,000 (and counting) in our format.

    Reverse Interlinears

    See word-by-word comparisons across translations and access Strong’s numbers, Bible Sense Lexicon, and Bible Word Study with just a click.


    Get on-the-spot infographics, stats, and charts on word usage and translation variances—perfect visuals for your sermon or lecture.


    Discover Old Testament cities’ history, or track Paul’s journeys across the Mediterranean.

    Media Resources

    Get dozens of resources that help you put together presentations, create worship sets, and bring the Word to a digital audience.


    Choose from a variety of lectionaries, and see your church or denomination’s daily reading on your homepage.


    View Logos users’ Community Ratings of your books, and submit your own.


    View verse references on mouseover, open cross-references with a click, and dig deep into the text.

    Personal Books

    Add personal books to your library, include them in collections, and search them alongside your Logos books!



    See favorite translations, dictionaries, and commentaries at the top of your search results.


    Keep your library organized with custom collections.

    Synchronized Scrolling

    Link resources so that they scroll together as you’re reading—one translation alongside another, your favorite Bible with your favorite study Bible, or any other combination.



    Get smarter, more precise search results with Logos 5.

    Graph Search Results

    See how many times a given work appears in the Bible (or any of its books), and graph your findings with a click.

    Basic Search

    Perform complicated searches easily with Logos’ basic search. You can search specific sections of text, such as footnotes or images, or look for terms next to Bible references or other words.

    Bible Search

    Search your Bibles and original language texts for Greek words—no Greek keyboard required. Search within the words of Christ, find original language words translated a specific way, or search for a particular word in proximity to a specific Bible reference.

    Morph Search

    Search for original language words by their lemma, morphological form, or surface form, and narrow your search according to your needs. You can find every instance of every form of λογος, or just specific occurrences of λογιζὸμενος.

    Syntax Search

    Search for specific original language words without typing in Greek or Hebrew. No need to know the words’ linguistic forms—or even what they’re called.


    Manage your homepage content, control your layout, display your daily readings or favorite lectionary, and stay on track with your reading plans.


    Take notes in your Bible or any resource.

    Prayer List

    Get prayer reminders, and make them the first thing you see on your Logos 5 homepage.

    Reading Plans

    Read the Bible in a year, or your textbook in a semester—you’ll stay on track with Logos 5.

    Sentence Diagrams

    Create new English, Greek, or Hebrew sentence diagrams for your presentation or research paper.

    Custom Guides

    Create a custom guide that presents search results in categories relevant to you.

    Passage Guide

    With a click, get everything you need to dig into Scripture—Bibles, commentaries, sermons, and links to study tools and media.

    Exegetical Guide

    Get into the original languages, even if you don’t know Greek and Hebrew. See a word-by-word breakdown of any biblical passage, and explore lexicons, grammars, sentence diagrams, and audio pronunciations.

    Bible Word Study

    Target any biblical word to discover its original meaning, trace that meaning’s etymology, and understand how your word relates to others.

    Copy Bible Verses

    Copy verses from any translation to automatically paste the reference and version.


    Get instant Bible Facts, cross-references, media, and other content related to the biblical text you’re reading.

    Passage Analysis

    See on-the-spot graphs and word charts explaining any Bible passage and how that passage differs between translations.

    Text Comparison

    Compare any two texts side by side, including any combination of parallel Bibles.

    Cited By

    Automatically search your library for works that cite the Bible passage you’re reading.


    Get instant information on any word by hovering over it—definitions, original language info, alternative translations, and more.

    Power Lookup

    Automatically display and expand all visible verse references in your open book. You’ll see them all without moving your mouse.


    Learn to pronounce biblical Greek with Logos 5’s pronunciation sound clips.

    Sermon & Illustration Files

    Upload your sermons or illustrations with the Personal Books tool. Logos indexes them automatically, so you can find them by date, passage, speaker, tags, topic, or venue.


    Read Aloud

    Hear any Logos book read aloud in a library that’s accessible to anyone, anywhere.


    Create and manage custom workspaces, and save them for the next time you study.

    Reading View

    When you want to just read, you’ll see your book in full screen, distraction-free.

    Window Management

    Arrange your panels and windows however you like. Logos’ templates help you make the most of your screen; when you find a setup that you like, you can save it or set it as default.


    Zoom in or out with a pinch, swipe to scroll, and more.


    Create your own shortcuts, or use Logos’ shortcuts to make highlighting, bookmarking, and saving documents simple.

    Lookup Tool

    Easily look up any word in any book; then right-click to find grammars, encyclopedia articles, and more.


    Undelete deleted documents, share documents between machines, and redownload resources—Logos 5 backs up your data instantly.

    Sympathetic Highlighting

    When you’re reading an English Bible and a Greek Bible side by side, highlight a phrase in the English text and see it lit up in the Greek.

    Visual Filters

    Toggle visual filters to show Timeline flags, speaker tags, notes, and page numbers in your open resources.

    Notes and Highlighting

    Take notes anywhere on any book in your library, and highlight any text in any resource.

    Link Sets

    Set your commentary or study Bible to scroll with your Bible as you read.


    Connect with the Word in new ways—Logos 5 works seamlessly with Vyrso, Biblia, Proclaim, and Faithlife.

    Contents Pane

    Navigate any resource with a table of contents that’s easy to use and never gets in your way.

    Visual Bookmarks

    Leave bookmarks in your text, and keep reading right where you left off.


    Mark resources with custom tags—you’ll find, sort, and cite books grouped by your personal categories.


    See footnotes by hovering over any in-text footnote number. No need to flip through pages searching for notes—they’re right there when you need them.

    Right-Click Menu

    Delve into a word study or topical study, or learn about people, places, things, and events. Right-clicking always takes you deeper.


    Save and search memorable passages and quotes, along with their citations.


    Connect with your Christian community over shared reading lists, reading plans, and Faithlife notes.


    Explore your library from nearly any platform—iPad, Android, iPhone, Mac, PC, and more.

    Lifetime License

    Never stop learning with Logos’ lifetime license for all resources and software.