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Factbook Tags

Deepen your study with a visual filter that displays helpful information for millions of theological terms, people, and Greek and Hebrew lemmas. Hover over a Factbook tag while reading your Bible, commentary, or book in Logos to get a brief definition or details about a term without leaving your resource.

Learn how to use Factbook Tags

Easily Access Helpful Information While You Study

Get details without leaving your resource

While reading your Bible, commentary, or book, hover over a tagged term to see a pop-up with a brief definition or details to deepen your study. Formerly known as Community Tags, Factbook Tags are now available for millions of theological terms, people, and Greek or Hebrew lemmas.

Decide which Factbook tags you want to see

From your Bible, toggle on the Factbook Tags visual filter then click the dropdown to select the type of tags you wish to see. Logos lets you select from a range of options including people, places, things, generic entries, pronouns, and implied subjects.

Show Factbook Tags in a single resource or all resources

Only want to access tags from the resource you are reading without turning it on in other Bibles or books? While in a Bible, commentary, or book, toggle on Factbook tags. Then select from the dropdown whether you want Factbook Tags to appear only in the current resource or in all appropriate resources.


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