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Courses Tool

Choose from dozens of guided learning plans to understand biblical topics, doctrines, books, and more. Each course draws on Logos tool videos and books in your library.

Included in Logos 8 Silver and up

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Master Biblical Topics, Books, and More

Always know where to start a study

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start a study on a particular topic. With the Courses tool, we’ve hand-selected the most relevant readings on dozens of topics from across your library, so all you have to do is select a topic and work through the learning plan.

Set your schedule, track your progress

When you start a new course, choose whether to work at your own pace, or set a weekly schedule to get reminders on the days you select. See your progress with markers along the way, and check your stats when you complete the plan.

Take a seminary-level course, included in Logos 8

When you get a Logos 8 base package (Silver and up), you can pick any Mobile Ed course from our entire catalogue. These interactive video courses are taught by well-known seminary professors, and are all experienced inside the Courses Tool. Watch the lecture as you follow along with a full transcript, then move on to further readings and learning activities.

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