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Resource Panel

When you open a resource in Logos, you have a wealth of information you can explore right away. From a robust search to interlinears and even popular highlights, each resource opens in a panel with a range of tools to help you get the most out of it.

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Resource Panel

Discover More Biblical Insights with Every Click

See the Word in greater depth

When you open a Bible in Logos, you can instantly dive into important issues like word roots and related passages. You can review interlinears, compare biblical translations, see repeated words, and more.

Examine commentaries, systematic theologies, and more

Your books in Logos help you relate more of what you’re reading to the biblical text. You can take special note of words that repeat in your books and Bibles, and even skip ahead to the most relevant parts. Plus, many of our most-loved books in Logos give you the option to see popular highlights, so you can see quotes others enjoyed.


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