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Find anything and everything in your library with the powerful search capabilities in Logos that are simple, intuitive, and precise. Launch a search by simply highlighting a word or phrase, or dig a bit deeper using the Context menu. As you advance in your needs, just provide a word or phrase in the search panel and press Enter. Search templates assist you in building complex searches.

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Find What You Need, without Really Trying

Select a word, run a search

While viewing any resource, select a word or phrase and click Search in the selection menu. Logos will take care of the rest.

Run a search without leaving your Bible

Easily study phrases like “righteousness of God” or even original language terms like apocalyptō. Simply highlight the word or phrase, right-click, and select Inline search to find a word or phrase in your Bible (or any open resource) without having to open a new search panel. Logos displays the results in your open Bible. You can choose to view the results within a verse, paragraph, or pericope.

Search from the Command box

Just type a word or passage in the Command box, and Logos opens a list of study options. Pressing Shift + Enter launches a search for everything in your library containing the word or passage.

Get quick answers to your questions

Want to learn how to become a prayer warrior? From the All search tab, type your question and Logos returns a card with answers along with relevant Factbook entries, popular quotations, and search results from your library resources.

Find the verse you can’t quite recall

Let’s say you know that somewhere the Bible talks about being able to do everything in Christ but can’t remember the exact wording—or you can only remember part of a verse or a word or two. Logos can help! From the Bible search tab, type the words or phrases you do remember (like “I am able to do everything in Christ”), select the “Fuzzy” option in your search results, and Logos delivers all the verses that potentially match in your preferred Bible translation.

Let Logos do the heavy lifting

Want to know every time any resource in your library addresses the word translated as “authority” in Matthew 7:29? Right-click any word or phrase to open the Context menu and tell Logos what you want to find. In just three clicks, Logos runs a complex search for you.

Supercharge your search with search templates

With premade search templates, you can find specific things, like every time “God” talks to “Moses” about the “law.” Search for people and places, addressees, cross-references, and even that one verse you can’t quite find.

Dive deep with morphological searching

Logos displays its power with detailed morphological search capabilities. For example, Ephesians 2:8 is clear that salvation is by grace, but ambiguity exists in the relationships of other words in the verse. Logos finds similar morphological constructions, so you can study every time a genitive noun is followed by a conjunction and a relative pronoun.

Search for meaning, not just morphological data

Need to find instances where a word carries the meaning of “justice”? The detailed tagging in Logos can help! The Sense option in the Context menu will locate instances where the meaning of “justice” occurs, even when the word is not there. The Bible Sense Lexicon organizes lemmas by their use in their original context, making it easy to search for words with related meaning in all the biblical languages.

Search with filters to find anything in the Bible

The Bible Browser provides a huge array of filters to show only what you’ve selected, like every time Jesus uses figurative language to talk about the Holy Spirit, even if Jesus is only referenced with a pronoun. It’s a useful tool for searching by categories, especially when you want to find relationships between different categories.

Quickly search particular resource titles or types

Find references to being “filled with the Spirit” in all English Sermons in just a few clicks by launching a search from your library. You can search a single resource or a group of resources.

Explore historical Church documents

Logos has organized many of the Church’s reflections and resolutions in a collection of historical Church documents. These classic reference works provide insight into nearly 2,000 years of theological and moral debates. With Logos, you can quickly search these collections for any topic or Scripture passage and uncover a wealth of information.


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