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Stop the last-minute bibliography scare with the Bibliography tool in Logos. Now, citing your research is as easy as dragging and dropping as you go. And when you’re finished studying, all you need to do is export your bibliography and add it to your paper.

Get more Bibliography training

Make a Bibliography Worth Keeping

Gather resources into a bibliography

You can quickly gather resources and save them as a bibliography document right from the list of books in your library.

Add more resources with ease

With just a few clicks, you can add additional resources to your bibliography document.

If, for instance, you’re working on a long writing project and want to merge several bibliographies into one, all it takes is a couple clicks to build a new, more robust bibliography.

Share your bibliography with the world (or just a few friends)

Want to share your bibliography with a group? You can do it easily from the Docs menu. Or you can share it with Logos users around the world—it only takes a couple of clicks.


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