Ask the Logos Pros: How Do I Export My Logos Library into Zotero?

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Many Logos users rely on Zotero for organizing and citing their research, and yet they may not know that there is an easy way to export their Logos library titles into that free library management tool.

With Logos 6 you can do it in five steps.

Step 1: Change your citation style to BibTeX.

In Logos, open up your Program Settings (Tools > Program Settings, or ⌘-comma on the Mac), and look for “Citation Style.” Select BibTeX Style from the dropdown.

Step 2: Create a collection of all your resources.

Go to Tools > Collections and click New. Name it “All Resources,” and then type rating:>=0 into the “Start with resources matching” box. The pane will fill with all of your resources. (If you don’t want to export all of your resources, you can limit your collection by dropping resources or collections into “Minus these resources.”)

Step 3: Export your collection.

Now click on the collections panel menu and choose “Export to bibliography.” Give your file a name like Zotero, and save it to your desktop as a .txt or .bib file.

Step 4: Change your citation style back.

After exporting your bibliography, you will probably want to go back into Program Settings and change your citation style back to what it was before.

Step 5: Import your file into Zotero.

In Zotero, click “File” in the menu, then “Import.” Select the Zotero.txt (or Zotero.bib) file you created and click Open.

Once importing is complete, you’re ready to go. You can now use Logos 6 for your researching and allow Zotero to manage your citations and bibliographies.

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Phil Gons

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Written by Phil Gons