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Bible Study Magazine

Bible Study magazine is the only award-winning magazine devoted to making your Bible study more effective, organized, and relevant. This print publication delivers tools and methods for Bible study six times a year.


Didaktikos is a vocational journal for professors who teach in biblical studies, theology, and related disciplines—particularly at the graduate level and in service to the church. Didaktikos is published four times a year.

Faithlife Staff

Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) is the largest developer of Bible study software and creator of the world's first integrated ministry platform—a full suite of ministry, communication, and management tools for churches.

Lexham Press

Lexham Press is an innovative Christian publishing house creating thoughtful Bible study materials, scholarly works, and pastoral resources.

Featured Contributors

Adam B. Shaeffer

Adam B. Shaeffer (PhD, Durham University) rarely had time for books until he discovered the fantasy novels on his dad's shelf at age 12; the rest is history. His primary research interests revolve around the interplay between theology and literature, attending to fiction's power to narrate theological insights through the thoughts and lives of imagined people and places. His poetry and fiction have appeared in *Jabberwocky,* *Resident Aliens,* and *This Mutant Life.*

Anthony Oladayo Fáwọlé

Anthony (Dip.Th, B.Th., B.A., M.A.) is passionate about theological education. He is a graduate of two reputable theological seminaries in Nigeria and currently a doctoral student of another theological seminary in South Africa based on a scholarship he recently won.

He is a pastor and a seminary lecturer with a few publications to his credit. He is passionate about education, both formal and informal. He is also passionate about Christian apologetics, as seen in his involvement with other Christian apologists in Nigeria and participation in apologetics conferences.

He is happily married to his dearly beloved wife, Mary.

Aubry Smith

Aubry Smith (M.A. Theological Studies, Columbia International University) is a writer, childbirth educator, and doula.

Ben Bennett

Ben Bennett is an author, podcast host, and speaker, and serves with Josh McDowell Ministry as the director of Resolution Movement—a global movement helping people overcome hurts and struggles and thrive in life. For the past eleven years, he has partnered with world renowned therapists and ministry leaders, helping individuals young and old understand and work through the underlying factors driving the unhealthy patterns in their lives. He and Josh McDowell recently co-authored: Free to Thrive: How Your Hurt, Struggles, and Deepest Longings Can Lead to a Fulfilling Life.

Benjamin Amundgaard

Benjamin is a product manager, marketer, communicator, teacher, leader. He is the Senior Director of Bible Study Products at Faithlife.

Chris Date

Chris Date is Adjunct Professor of Bible and Theology at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary and a contributor to the ministry Rethinking Hell. He is co-editor of Rethinking Hell: Readings in Evangelical Conditionalism (Cascade, 2014) and A Consuming Passion: Essays on Hell and Immortality in Honor of Edward Fudge (Pickwick, 2015), and he has published articles in Evangelical Quarterly and the McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry. Chris graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University, and he earned a Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Seminary. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and four sons.

Chris Porter

Chris Porter is a doctoral candidate at Ridley College, Melbourne, working on social identity formation in the Fourth Gospel.

Christoph Heilig

Christoph Heilig – currently postdoc in Basel – is the author of Hidden Criticism? (Fortress, 2017) and Paul’s Triumph (Peeters, 2017). This research has recently received the Mercator Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Additionally, he has co-edited (with J. Thomas Hewitt and Michael F. Bird) God and the Faithfulness of Paul: A Critical Examination of the Pauline Theology of N. T. Wright (Fortress, 2017). In his most recent – and voluminous – project, which has just been completed, he discusses the importance of “stories” and “narrative substructures” for understanding Paul’s letters. It is currently in press with de Gruyter.

Cory M. Marsh

Dr. Marsh is Professor of New Testament at Southern California Seminary in El Cajon, CA and serves on staff as Scholar in Residence at Revolve Bible Church in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Daniel Motley

Daniel Motley works as the Team Lead of Live Products at Faithlife. He helps promote resources in the Logos Bible Software platform while overseeing a group of product managers. In his spare time he likes to write and has contributed to The Gospel Coalition and the Art of Manliness.

David Evans

David Evans is a PhD candidate at Macquarie University, researching Christianity in Athens in the first two centuries AD. He also serves as an elder at Rosalie Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia. David is married to Erin, and they have four delightful and energetic kids.

Dr. Geoff Chang

Dr. Geoff Chang is Assistant Professor of Church History and Historical Theology and the Curator of the Spurgeon Library.

Drew Longacre

Drew Longacre is the Paleographic Project Coordinator and Specialist for Ancient Hebrew Paleography at MIKRA Research Laboratory. He is a specialist on the Hebrew and Greek texts and manuscripts of the Bible and has published extensively on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Esau McCaulley

Esau McCaulley (Ph.D., St Andrews) is Assistant Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Northeastern Seminary and Coordinator of the Call and Response Conference.

Genevieve Scheele

Genevieve Scheele received her BA in East Asian Languages and Cultures, BA in Comparative literature, and MA in Religion from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is currently working on her MA in Classics at UIUC. Her research interests are the intertextuality of the New Testament text; the relationship between Hebrew, Greek, and Latin; and the hermeneutics and exegesis of the early Church.

Jake Mailhot

Jake Mailhot is the product manager for Lexham Press. He also writes about baseball and lives in Bellingham, WA.

James Fryer

James (BS, University of Wyoming; MDiv, The Master's Seminary; DMin, Columbia Evangelical Seminary; PhD, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) has been in missions/ministry for over twenty years.

He was ordained at First Baptist Church (WY) in 2010, and serves with the North American Mission Board as a Correctional Chaplain. He is the author of the book "Battle Cry: Reflections for Soul Readiness and the Defense of the Gospel in and out of Season" (Solid Ground Christian Books, 2020).

Jason Brueckner

Jason Brueckner is the Sr. Community Manager at Faithlife. He has a master’s in biblical exegesis from Wheaton College Graduate School and over a decade of experience with digital marketing, church communications, and ministry.

Jennifer Grisham

Jennifer Grisham is Content Marketing Manager at Faithlife. She previously served on church staff as director of administration and managing editor and administrator for Doxology & Theology. Her work has been published by The Gospel Project and The Gospel Coalition, to name a few.

Jennifer Hendrix

Jennifer Morison Hendrix is an experienced writer, editor, and instructor with degrees in English literature and playwriting. She has written scripts for theatrical productions in Seattle, WA, and Vancouver, BC. In addition, Jennifer has written and edited technical documentation for corporations including Microsoft and Boeing. Most recently she has focused on developing content for exhibits.

Joel Thomas

Joel Thomas is a PhD student in New Testament Studies at Baptist Bible Seminary of Clarks Summit University. He holds Master of Arts in Religion and Master of Divinity degrees from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as a Master of Sacred Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Joel lives with his wife in Michigan. He is currently working as a software architect.

Justin Eimers

Justin has been married to his wife for 15 years and has two young sons. He is a PhD candidate at Liberty University focusing on Bible Exposition. In 2013 he started The Nerdy Theologian website where he was actively writing and posting articles until 2017. Since then Justin has been involved in his church, independent discipleship, and academic study. He is getting ready to relaunch his website with new challenging articles designed to encourage Christians to critically think about their faith and how it impacts the world around them. Some areas of interest are Barthian Bibliology, ANE creation myths, historical theology, and hermeneutics. His most recent work includes papers written on the book of Judges as well as Zephaniah.

Justin Holcomb

This post is by Justin Holcomb. Justin is an Episcopal priest and teaches theology, philosophy, and Christian thought at Gordon-Conwell-Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary. He holds two masters degrees from Reformed Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from Emory University. He is the author of numerous books, including the children's book God Made All of Me.

Kaeli Joyce

Kaeli Joyce is the communication coordinator for Lexham Press, Mobile Education, and other teams that create original content for Faithlife. She is a Master of Divinity student at Regent College in British Columbia and has a background in classical civilizations and religious studies. Building bridges and facilitating connections between people are at the heart of her work and studies.

Karen Engle

Karen Engle is a copy editor for Faithlife. She has a master's in biblical studies and theology from Western Seminary and frequently takes groups to Israel.

Kay Arthur

Kay taught and hosted Precepts for Life™, reaching more than 75 million households each day through radio and television in more than 30 countries for more than 20 years.

Kay’s exciting, practical approach to studying the Bible has helped millions of people discover the truth of God’s Word for themselves over the past five decades.

Through television, radio, writing, and speaking, God has used Kay to reach millions of households with His truth. An author of more than 100 books and Bible study workbooks, Kay continues to collaborate with the Precept team on Bible study resources. Precepts for Life is available online today at

Kevin Grasso

Dr. Kevin Grasso (PhD, Hebrew University) studies modern syntactic and semantic theory and applies it to the biblical languages. He has published on both Greek and Hebrew grammar. Within New Testament studies, he works on law, faith, messianism, and justification in Paul. He is the co-founder of the software platform Biblingo (, which utilizes the latest research in second language acquisition to make the biblical languages more accessible and easier to learn.

Kyle Beutler

Kyle Beutler is a junior copywriter at Faithlife. He has over a decade of experience in ministry and lives in Austin, TX, where he spends his weekends leading worship, eating breakfast tacos, and pretending to be outdoorsy.

Logan Williams

Logan Williams is a PhD Candidate in New Testament at the University of Durham, UK.

Maicol A. Cortés

Maicol A. Cortés holds an MA in theology at the University of Lorraine. He also holds a MA in Jewish Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MA in New Testament from The Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS). He is interested in the relationship between early Christian and Jewish literature, apocalyptic writings, and comparative literature.

The author would like to thank the ORION program for its contribution to the funding of Maicol A. Cortés research internship. This work has benefited from a French government grant managed by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche with the reference ANR-20-SFRI-0009.

Mark A. Tietjen

Mark A. Tietjen (PhD, Baylor University) is chaplain and Grace Palmer Johnston Chair of Bible at The Stony Brook School in Stony Brook, New York. He previously served as associate professor and program director of philosophy at the University of West Georgia. Former secretary-treasurer of the Søren Kierkegaard Society, Tietjen is the author of Kierkegaard, Communication, and Virtue: Authorship as Edification, and his articles have appeared in a variety of journals and books, including Faith and Philosophy, International Philosophical Quarterly, and the Journal of Psychology and Christianity.

Mark Barnes

Mark Barnes has twenty years of experience in pastoral ministry, holds an MPhil in Biblical Theology, and has served as visiting lecturer at Union School of Theology. He’s a former editor of Evangelical Magazine and has also written for Grace Magazine, Evangelicals Now, and Evangelical Times. He now serves as product manager for the Logos and Verbum apps and lives in the UK with his wife and two sons.

Mark Ward

Mark Ward (PhD, Bob Jones University) is the editor of Bible Study Magazine and author of its back-page column, “Word Nerd: Language and the Bible.” He is the author of several books and textbooks including Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption (BJU Press, 2016), Basics for a Biblical Worldview (BJU Press, 2021), and Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible (Lexham Press, 2018), which became a Faithlife infotainment documentary. He is also the host of the Bible Study Magazine Podcast and is an active (read: obsessive) YouTuber.

Mary Jahnke

Mary Jahnke has a background in marketing, especially for Christian education, and serves as a content marketing strategist for Faithlife. She has experience in church communications and is always looking for helpful knowledge to share.

Matthew Boffey

Matthew Boffey (MDiv, Trinity International University) is the pastor of worship at Christ Church Bellingham. He is also editor-in-chief of Ministry Team magazine, has edited several books, and has written for several blogs and publications, including Relevant online, the Logos blog, and the Faithlife blog.

Matthew L. Halsted

An ordained minister, Matthew’s calling is to equip Christians with the tools they need to be gracious, well-reasoned, and convincing witnesses for Christ. He has a passion for teaching students how to read the Bible faithfully and with careful reflection. His research interests include philosophical hermeneutics, Paul’s writings, and apocalyptic literature. When he is not reading obscure German philosophers or the Greek/Hebrew Bible, he can usually be found playing in the yard with his kids or being elated with the joy that comes with being married to the best wife in the world.

Matthew Tingblad

Matthew Tingblad is a speaker and author on Josh McDowell Ministry’s global team and holds an M.Div. in Pastorl and General Ministries from Talbot School of Theology.

Michael F. Bird

Michael F. Bird is Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology at Ridley College, in Melbourne, Australia. He is the co-author with N.T. Wright of The New Testament in its World: An Introduction to the History, Literature, and Theology of the First Christians (Zondervan/SPCK, 2019). He blogs at euangelion and can be followed @mbird12.

Michael S. Heiser

Michael S. Heiser is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (M.A., Ancient History) and the University of Wisconsin- Madison (M.A., Ph.D., Hebrew Bible and Semitic Studies). He has a dozen years of classroom teaching experience on the college level and another ten in distance education. He is a former scholar-in-residence at Logos Bible Software.

Mike Licona

Dr. Mike Licona is associate professor of theology at Houston Baptist University. He holds a PhD in New Testament Studies from the University of Pretoria, which he earned with distinction and the highest mark. He is the professor of the Mobile Ed courses Objections to the Gospels and Philosophy of History.

Morris Proctor

Morris Proctor is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

Nathaniel J. Erickson

Nathaniel J. Erickson (PhD, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is pastor at First Baptist Church of Manistique, MI.

Nick Perez

Nick Perez is preaching minister of Davis Park Church of Christ.

Nick Stapleton

Nick Stapleton is a MDiv candidate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He resides in Colorado with his wife and two sons doing college ministry to reach the next generation with the gospel and make lifelong disciples.

Nijay Gupta

Nijay Gupta is Associate Professor of New Testament at Portland Seminary, George Fox University.

Peter Santucci

Peter Santucci has been a pastor, a journalist, a hospice and hospital chaplain, and a volleyball coach. He blogs at and is the author of Everyday Psalms. He and his family live in Bend, Oregon, where he and his wife host retreats for ministry couples.

Phil Gons

Follower of Jesus, husband of Shanna, father of four, Vice President and General Manager of Bible Study Products at Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software, PhD (ABD) Theology, reader, learner, blogger, technophile.

Randy Leedy

Randy Leedy, PhD, has taught Greek and New Testament at Bob Jones Seminary since 1994. He is the author of Greek New Testament Sentence Diagrams and Love Not the World.

Rebecca Brant

Rebecca Brant is an award-winning marketing communications specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in writing, editing, and publications management.

Rick Brannan

Rick Brannan is a Data Wrangler for Faithlife. He manages a team that creates and maintains linguistic databases and other analyses of the Hebrew Bible, the Greek New Testament, the Septuagint, and writings of the Second Temple era. He resides in Bellingham with his wife, Amy, their daughter, Ella, and their son, Lucas.

Robert MacEwen

Robert K. MacEwen is a missionary with Cru and an adjunct faculty member at East Asia School of Theology, Singapore. He received his PhD in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Ryan Higginbottom

Jesus, math, sweet potato fries—these are a few of my favorite things. Also pie.

Ryan Lytton

Ryan Lytton started his education at LIFE East Bible College and continued at Life Pacific University where he graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies. He completed a Master of Arts in Christian Thought from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary where he focused on how the Bible was interpreted in the Patristic Period (100-800 AD). He's currently pursuing a Ph.D. through Ridley College, continuing his study of Patristic Exegesis by looking at the reception of Proverbs 8:22-31 up to 381 CE.

He’s an unapologetic nerd who knows lots of useless things like how to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in Latin. He has been married to Samantha (also a Life Pacific graduate, class of ‘08) since 2008. They have two children.

Ryan Pemberton

Ryan Pemberton is the author of Called: My Journey to C. S. Lewis’s House and Back Again (Leafwood Publishers) and Walking With C. S. Lewis: A Spiritual Guide Through His Life and Writings (Lexham Press).

Samuel Lamerson

Samuel Lamerson (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is assistant professor of New Testament at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Steve Runge

Steve Runge has served as a Scholar-in-Residence at Faithlife since completing his Doctor of Literature degree in biblical languages at Stellenbosch University in South Africa in 2006. He specializes in developing original language resources for pastors and students to help them more confidently study and teach the Bible.

Steven Wedgeworth

Steven Wedgeworth is rector of Christ Church Anglican in South Bend, IN. He writes about theology, history, and political theory, and he has taught Jr. High and High School. He is the founder and general editor of The Calvinist International, an online journal of Christian Humanism and political theology, and a Director for the Davenant Institute.

Tavis Bohlinger

Dr. Tavis Bohlinger is the editor of Word by Word's Lecture Hall and Creative Director at Reformation Heritage Books. He holds a PhD from Durham University and writes across multiple genres, including academia, poetry, and screenwriting. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife and three children.

Timothy H. Lim

Professor Lim is world renowned scholar on the Dead Sea Scrolls and Canon research. He is the author of several scholarly monographs, including The Earliest Commentary on the Prophecy of Habakkuk (Oxford: OUP, 2022); and The Formation of the Jewish Canon (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2013). He co-edited with John J Collins, The Oxford Handbook of the Dead Sea Scrolls (Oxford: OUP, 2010) and is the series editor of The Oxford Commentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls (Oxford: OUP).

Tobin Perry

Tobin Perry has spent over 20 years as a writer and editor for faith-based audiences. He has written for Christianity Today, Baptist Press, Saddleback Church, the North American Mission Board, and more. He has also served as a lead pastor of a small church in Southern Indiana and a church planting intern in Seattle, Washington. Tobin has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri and a Master of Divinity degree from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (now Gateway Seminary). He lives in Evansville, Indiana with his wife and three children.

Wendy Widder

Wendy Widder (Ph.D., University of the Free State) is the author of Daniel in the Story of God commentary series (Zondervan) and "To Teach" in Ancient Israel: A Cognitive Linguistic Study of a Biblical Hebrew Lexical Set (deGruyter). She lives in the Twin Cities, where she teaches Old Testament courses as an adjunct professor and does freelance writing and editing.

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