Author - Mark Brians

Mark Brians is the rector of All Saints Anglican Church, in urban Honolulu. His has written for various digital and print publications including Reading Religion, Themelios, Christianity & Literature, Canadian Journal of American Studies, and the Theopolis Institute blog. He is a contributor to the recent Theology and Tolkien (Lexington, 2023), edited by Douglas Estes, and a co-author with Drew Knowles of a forthcoming Theopolis Exploration volume on Hospitality (Athanasius Press). He lives in Liliha with his wife and five children.

How to Plan a Pastoral Hospital Visit

Showing kindness to the sick from a distance—paying bills, meal trains—is surely not wrong, but what is interesting about the biblical command to visit the sick is the emphasis Scripture places on embodied presence. I was hungry and you gave me...

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