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Table of contents

  • About us
  • Our publishing guidelines
  • How to submit a pitch
  • How to submit an assigned article
  • The Word by Word writer’s notebook

About us

For over 30 years, Logos has been committed to building the best Bible study platform on the planet, but we’re not only interested in selling Bible tech. The Bible is the heart and soul of everything we do. We aim to inspire and nurture active students of the Word who read the Bible carefully and dig deep for the riches found inside. The Bible is for everyone, not just pastors and scholars. We want to help Christians everywhere feel empowered and confident to read, study, and share God’s Word.

Word by Word (this site, otherwise known as the Logos blog) is home to Bible-focused content written with ministers, scholars, students, and laypeople in mind. It is operated by the Logos Content Marketing Team:

Editor-in-ChiefBeka Johnson
Managing EditorJennifer Grisham
Dev EditorKirk Miller
Copy EditorBlake Adams
Producer, Logos LiveJason Stone
CoordinatorCinthia Rangel

Our publishing values

At Word by Word, our values drive the content we publish, the authors we interview, and the way we engage with our readers. 

We are broadly evangelical. Logos (via Lexham Press) is a member of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and we subscribe to the Statement of Faith of the Association. The statement is broad by design. Offering a variety of perspectives in our content is meant to demonstrate how much we can agree on, how to disagree charitably, and how faithful Christians can wrestle with the same biblical texts and sometimes reach different interpretive and theological conclusions about them. 

We are all about the Bible. For us, this means we aren’t chasing every shiny new development in the news cycle or even in theological circles. The Logos platform is designed for deep Bible study, and our content aims to encourage Christians to be more faithful and careful students of God’s Word. We hold Scripture in the highest regard and believe in its unique authority. Every Bible student and Bible teacher must interpret and apply God’s Word both on their own and within their respective communities. We have intentionally (and consistently) taken the position that we serve Bible study best by offering a wide range of content rather than content that reflects narrow (sometimes strongly held) theological positions, no matter how inclined we may be to those positions.

We care about unity and diversity in the church. You can read more in Our Commitment to Unity and Diversity.

We want to encourage charitable engagement. While you may not agree with every article on our site, we hope you will find the writing consistently honest, thought-provoking, engaging, and soaked in Scripture. Our goal is to foster healthy, charitable conversations about the Bible among people who take the Bible seriously. We ask everyone who interacts with our content to commit to respectful dialogue as laid out in our community guidelines.

How to submit an article pitch

The first step to pitching an article is to have something worth saying. As Mark Ward writes, good writing is an act of love for God and your reader, and one way to express love in your writing is to say one thing well. (Reading Mark’s article, “Good Writing: Ten Short Maxims,” will help you understand what we’re looking for in articles we publish.)

One of the most important parts of your pitch is the thesis: your main point should be clear, focused on serving your reader, and built upon the Bible. We encourage you to write from a fresh perspective. Bring your unique experience and context to engage our readers in a new way around the timeless truths of Scripture.

When you have a topic in mind, you can drop a short pitch in the embedded form below. We will request a full article if we believe we’re the right site to publish it on. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to and/or publish every article idea we receive, so we encourage you to send a pitch before writing a complete article. Additionally, we cannot accept an article published on another site. All work must be original and cannot already be published elsewhere.

Fill out this short form to submit your pitch.

How to submit your assigned article

After you’ve received a contract for your article, you can start writing. You’ll need your assigned topic and the Word by Word writer’s notebook, which will be embedded below.

Once your article is ready for our team to edit, you can send a Google doc (preferred) or upload a Word doc or PDF. Make sure to include your author info, including your bio and headshot.

The editor who assigned your article will follow up with you on any next steps, including editing and publication date.

Send in your assigned article using this form.

The Word by Word author guide

The short document which will be embedded below is meant to help you write an article that presents your argument in a compelling way that connects with readers.

View the author guide as a Google doc or scroll the embedded document.

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