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Gluttony: The Least Talked About Sin

As I write this, we are just waking from the sugarcoated dream of the Christmas season. We have tried and tasted every delectable culinary bite we could. Salt-and-pepper-crusted medium-rare steak. Racks full of drying homemade pasta. Mugs of rich...

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An image of a shipwreck to represent how rejecting a good conscience is the path to apostasy.

The Road to Apostasy: A Bad Conscience?

Watching a professing Christian apostatize a great tragedy to witness. The details aren’t always the same in each case, but the outcome is the same: a forsaken faith. As the The Eerdmans Bible Dictionary explains, apostasy is a term designating the...

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Logos Live: Matthew Halsted

What you’ll see in this Logos Live episode Join us in this insightful interview with Dr. Matthew Halsted, author of The End of the World As You Know It, where he demystifies the biblical concepts of the end times. Dr. Halsted discusses the...

Logos Live: John Andrew Bryant

What you’ll see in this Logos Live episode Jennifer Grisham interviews award-winning author John Andrew Bryant about his book, A Quiet Mind to Suffer With: Mental Illness, Trauma, and the Death of Christ. In this conversation, Bryant talks...

Logos Live: Dr. Bryan Chapell

What you’ll see in this Logos Live episode In this engaging interview, we sit down with esteemed author and theologian Bryan Chapell to discuss his latest work, Are We Living in the Last Days?: Four Views of the Hope We Share about Revelation...

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