Author - Faithlife Staff

Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) is the largest developer of Bible study software and creator of the world's first integrated ministry platform—a full suite of ministry, communication, and management tools for churches.

Top 11 Logos 10 FAQs

Logos 10 is the easiest-to-use version yet, with lots of new features. And with new features come new questions! Here are ten we’ve heard often. Logos 10 FAQs 1. What makes Logos 10 better than Logos 9? Logos 10 is faster on every device and...

Logos 10 Is Here!

Logos 10 has arrived! The new and improved version is simpler to use so that everyday Christians, small group leaders, students, professors, and pastors can easily uncover insights in the Word of God.  Here are few highlights we’re particularly...

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