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About Word by Word

For over 30 years, Logos has been committed to building the best Bible software on the planet, but we’re interested in far more than our software. The Bible is the heart and soul of everything we do. We aim to inspire and nurture active students of the Word who read the Bible carefully and dig deep for the riches found inside. The Bible is for everyone, not just pastors and scholars. We want to help Christians everywhere feel empowered and confident to read, study, and share God’s Word.

Word by Word began as the Logos blog in 2004. In the years since its creation, hundreds of men and women have written, edited, or managed articles that appeared here. Today, the site is operated by the Content Marketing Team at Faithlife—individuals with long histories of serving in their local churches. Our backgrounds, denominations, and interests vary, but we are united in publishing articles that are broadly evangelical, thought provoking, and edifying to the church.

Editor-in-ChiefBeka Johnson
Managing EditorJennifer Grisham
Dev EditorKirk E. Miller
Copy EditorBlake Adams
Producer, Logos LiveJason Stone
CoordinatorCinthia Rangel

The Ministry Corner

The Ministry Corner is primarily for pastors, church leaders, and those who are focused on preaching and/or teaching the Bible to others. This would include pastors, worship leaders, and even small group leaders.

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The Reading Nook

The Reading Nook is for everyday Christians who are looking to go deeper in Bible study. The Nook is focused on topics like spiritual formation, evangelism, discipleship, apologetics, theology, and Biblical studies. And books. Did we mention books?

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The Lecture Hall

The Lecture Hall is a space for academics of all sorts. Whether you’re a seminary student looking for survival tips, a professor or dean looking for information about textbook delivery, or a scholar looking to nerd out, the Lecture Hall is here to help.

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Shows & Community

Logos Live

In this show, various members of the Logos team interview respected pastors, authors, scholars, and church leaders. This live, cross-denominational show aims to help you to go deeper in your understanding of and joy in the Word.

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