Top 11 Logos 10 FAQs

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Logos 10 is the easiest-to-use version yet, with lots of new features.

And with new features come new questions! Here are ten we’ve heard often.

Logos 10 FAQs

1. What makes Logos 10 better than Logos 9?

Logos 10 is faster on every device and easier to use, with simplified searching. You can make your print books searchable in Logos with the Print Library Catalog, translate snippets of text into other languages, have Logos read your books aloud, and more. Get a glimpse of new features, then explore more here or at To see only new and improved features, select that option in the “Sort by” box at the top of the page.

2. What if I recently bought Logos 9?

Take a look at our Recent Purchasers Program!

3. If I have an older version of Logos and upgrade to Logos 10, am I paying again for the same features and books I already have?

No! Buying a Logos package isn’t like buying an iPhone—you don’t have to replace it every year. All the features and resources you own in a previous Logos package are yours for life. When you upgrade, you’re adding new features and resources on top of what you already own, and you only pay for what’s new to you through Dynamic Pricing. This is why it’s so important to sign in to when you browse packages and feature upgrades—so you can see your Dynamic Pricing.

4. Does the Print Library Catalog feature add an electronic version of my print books to Logos?

Print Library Catalog doesn’t load the entire text of your print books to Logos. Instead, it searches your print library for you. That way, when you do a search, you can quickly see which of your print books would be helpful in your current study and where to turn to in those books—and a snippet of context to ensure it’s a helpful result. You can read more here and here.

5. Where is the ISBN scanner on the mobile app?

Tap on the menu bars in the bottom right. You’ll see it under the Library heading.

screenshot from Logos mobile app showing Print Library ISBN scanner

6. Are there other ways to add books to your Print Library Catalog besides scanning ISBNs?
Yes— you can do it several ways.

7. Do I have to have Logos 9 to upgrade to Logos 10?
Nope! You can upgrade to Logos 10 regardless of which version you have right now—and even if you’ve never owned a Logos package before.

8. How do I redeem a Mobile Ed course included with my Logos 10 Silver (or above) purchase?
You’ll get a coupon code by email and on your purchase receipt. Once you choose your individual Mobile Ed course, you can use that code at checkout to get it for free.

9. Does it matter which upgrade package you get when it comes to included features?
Yes, different packages offer different levels of features—you can compare them here. For all the new features of Logos 10 and a new library, get Logos Gold or above. For all the new features of Logos 10 without a new library, get a Full Feature Upgrade.  Make sure you’re signed in so you can see your special pricing, including your launch discount on your first Logos 10 purchase! For a deep dive into features, head here.

10. Do I need to uninstall my previous version of Logos before I upgrade to Logos 10?
No. Your Logos 10 upgrade will replace your existing software installation (but not your books and features—you keep those!). If you remove Logos from your computer, you’ll need to re-download all of your Logos content in Logos 10.

11. Is there free training for Logos 10?
Definitely. Morris Proctor’s Quickstart course is available inside Logos 10, and that’s a highly recommended place to start. You can also watch webinars recorded live, access all kinds of support, and read blog posts like this


Haven’t picked up Logos 10 yet? Get a recommendation on which package is right for you, or compare packages. If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please check out our help center or get in touch.

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