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Charts Tool

Charts tell stories, attract attention, and add impact to your study and presentations. With the Charts Tool, Logos does the creative work for you, instantly transforming a search into an eye-catching visual.

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Transform Searches into Visuals

Choose a style

The Charts Tool provides a wide variety of styles from bars and columns to line and pie graphs. Choose the format you like best, and view your chart with a single click.

Dig deeper into your results

When you do a search, the raw number of hits doesn’t tell the whole story. For example, χαίρω (“rejoice”) occurs 12 times in Luke and 9 times in Philippians. In this sense, Luke uses χαίρω more. However, Philippians is significantly shorter, so χαίρω occurs more frequently in Philippians than in Luke—suggesting that rejoicing may be a more central theme in Philippians than it is in Luke.
With the Charts Tool, you can display your results by book, chapter, or per 1,000 words to gain new insights.

Export your chart

Insert your chart into a sermon with a single click. You can also print it or save it as an image file (e.g. JPG, PNG, or GIF).


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