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Bible Word Study Guide

The Bible Word Study Guide provides detailed information about specific English, Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic words. Various sections in the Bible Word Study Guide provide:

  • Definitions for your word
  • Different translations of your word
  • Examples of how your word is used
  • Grammatical relationships of your word
  • Prepositional uses of your word
  • Textual searches for occurrences of your word
  • And more

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A Guide with Two Formats

  • Format 1: Entering an English word will help you study the original language word(s) from which it is translated. (Note: You’ll need a reverse interlinear Bible.)
  • Format 2: Entering an original language word (i.e., Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) will allow you to study the Lemma form (the base word in a dictionary or lexicon) of an original language word from your Bible.


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