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Underline and mark important words and phrases in your Bibles with a vast palette of colors, shapes, and other emphasis markers to draw attention to the text. Logos even lets you search your highlights or turn them off and on, so you can choose when you see your marked-up text.

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Enhance Your Study with Highlights

Draw attention to important references in the text

Highlight references to the love of God in red, mark all references to Jesus with a cross, or draw a box around a promise. Logos’ vast palette of colors and other emphasis markings combined with more than 40 distinct inductive Bible study symbols help you mark important features and patterns in the text to draw attention to truths you want to remember. And when you use the Highlighting Tool in conjunction with a Visual Filter, Logos highlights words and phrases.

Personalize your Bible study

As you study 1 John, you can mark the occurrences of “light” throughout the book and use the custom palette to create a unique highlight to apply to “light” or other words associated with it. Then, you can assign a shortcut key to quickly apply this highlight to any word by selecting the word and pressing the assigned key.

Search your highlights

Logos keeps track as you read, study, and mark your resources, so you can search your highlights to recall your observations fast. If you are studying Jesus cleansing the temple, you can highlight portions in various resources relevant to your study. Later, when searching “temple,” Logos will search your highlights and locate all the places that “temple” occurs in your highlighted text.


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