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Layouts allow you to permanently save a current or previous snapshot of your Logos workspace to access at a later time. Use this to set up your preferred workspace, with all the resources and tools you want to access quickly for reading a particular book or studying a specific topic.

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Save Time with Custom Layouts

Arrange your screen to fit your workflow with Quickstart layouts

Select a Quickstart layout from the Layouts menu to streamline setting up your workspace for common tasks. Choose from nine built-in layouts that bring together the right guides, resources, and tools to fit your study needs.

View multiple resources and tools at once on your mobile device

Layouts allow you to split your tablet screen into up to six panels. Now you can see your Bible, commentary, book along with the Factbook, Text Comparison, and Timeline—all at once! On your phone, Layouts allows you to split a panel into two tiles to display two resources or tools at a time.


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Logos Starter and up

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Logos Starter and up

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Logos web app

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