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Prayer Lists

Remind yourself to pray for specific requests on specific days right from your Logos Home Page. With Prayer Lists, you can enter individual prayer requests, check them off every time you pray for them, and even record the Lord’s answers to them. You can access your Prayer Lists and create new ones from the Docs menu.

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Prayer Lists

Create and Share Your Prayer Lists

Customize your prayer schedule

Want to pray for different items on different days? You can set your personal prayer schedule whenever you enter items into a Prayer List.

Get reminders right on your Home Page

After you set up your prayer lists, the prayer list cards on your Home Page will remind you to pray specifically for the items scheduled for that day.

Share your list with others

With just a few clicks you can share a list of prayers with your small group on Faithlife.com. With shared lists, each group member can add prayer requests and catalog how those prayers have been answered.


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