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Clause Search

Find anywhere a person, place, or thing appears in a clause—fast! You can search for terms acting in specific grammatical or original language roles, or search parts of speech terms, like a noun or verb. As you type, Logos will even populate a list of suggestions to help you refine your search.

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An Intuitive New Way to Search the Text

Search for specific functions

A Clause Search allows you to specify what occurrences of a word you want to find. You can study Moses’ relationship with God by performing a clause search where Moses is the subject of the sentence and God also occurs in the sentence, whether or not either of them is explicitly mentioned by name.

Choose display versions

Need to generate results from the original languages? You can choose which version to display, then view the results in any Bible in your library with just a couple of clicks.

Select various verbal forms

Studying the Holy Spirit? Use the Clause Search to find all the times the Holy Spirit occurs with the future tense of a verb. You can search by various forms, like the verb lemma, sense, or gloss.

View in-depth analysis of results

Click Analysis to gain further information about the individual results of your search, including the subject, object, verb sense, and morphological data. Search for a particular verb, like “call,” then organize results by subject so you can quickly see who called. Or use the polarity label to find instances when someone did not call.

Search using English terms

Even if you don’t know the original languages, the Clause Search will search the English sense of a word and locate occurrences where the original language is translated with that sense. A search for the English sense “to sin” produces results for sin (Gr. hamartia), stumble (Gr. ptaiō), and sexual immorality (Gr. porneuō). You can also copy a word’s lemma using the Context menu and paste it into a search.

Save your results

You can easily save the results of your search for later study. With a couple of clicks, Logos saves your search results in a Passage List document you can interact with in the future. You can even choose the display version.


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