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Septuagint Translation
Guide Section

Explore the ways early translators rendered the Hebrew Bible into Greek. When you look up a Greek word, the Septuagint Translation guide section displays all of the Hebrew words it was used to translate.

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Matthew’s quotation of Hosea 6:6, “I desire mercy and not sacrifice” (Matt 9:13) closely resembles the Septuagint wording of the verse. Launch a Bible Word Study and scroll down to the Septuagint Translation guide section to see how the Greek word for “mercy” was used in the Septuagint translation of the Old Testament.

The Septuagint Translation Guide Section aligns the Rahlfs and Swete editions of the LXX text with the Lexham Hebrew Bible (an edition of Codex Leningradensis) and displays translation equivalents, as well as instances where a LXX word or phrase does not have an equivalent.


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