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Preaching Mode

Done with your sermon prep and ready to preach? With a single tap, you’re ready to navigate your notes or manuscript smoothly. View your current slide at a glance and keep track of your timing as you speak. With the power of Logos, you can seamlessly prepare your sermon on your desktop and present it using a mobile device.

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Never Fumble with Note Cards or Loose Papers Again

Prep and preach in a single tap

Now that you’ve finished your hours of study and preparation, you don’t have to waste another minute with printing. Just tap the Preach button, and Logos converts your manuscript to a presentation you can smoothly navigate page by page or by continuously scrolling.

Present your sermon from any mobile device

With the Logos Sermon Builder, you can prepare your sermon on a desktop or laptop. Then you can engage Preaching Mode on your tablet or other handheld device and fluidly transition from your manuscript to a dynamic presentation with Faithlife Proclaim. And you don’t even need to have the Logos app installed! You can access your sermon and enable Preaching Mode right from app.logos.com.

Never lose track of time

No need to look away from your notes to see how much time you have left. Logos displays an easy-to-read countdown timer at the top of the screen. Need extra time this week? Adjust the timer with a couple of taps. Logos notifies you when you’re almost out of time.

Focus on your audience, not your notes

Do you need to make your presentation easier to read? Adjust the font, text size, line spacing, and margins with just a few taps. As you navigate your sermon, Logos displays your current slide, so you don’t have to break eye contact to check what is being presented on the big screen.


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