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Top New Features

Sermon Editor

Build your sermon within Logos and create beautiful slides automatically with the Sermon Editor.

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Courses Tool

Choose from dozens of guided learning plans to help you achieve a greater understanding of the Bible. Choose a topic like Jesus in the OT and watch as Logos pulls together library resources, study tools, video content, and more to create the ultimate study plan that moves at your pace.

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Concordance Tool

The Concordance tool extracts words and data from a particular resource and lists each unique word, lemma, or root as a heading with all the instances in the resource listed underneath.

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Bible Browser Tool

Comb through the entire biblical text and browse by all of the rich data tagging in Logos.

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Bible Study

Fuzzy Bible Search

Enter a loose phrase to quickly find the verse you can’t remember exactly.


Get instant information on biblical people, places, things, events, and cultural concepts.

Passage Guide

Get fast, comprehensive information on any passage—commentaries, cross-references, journal articles, cultural concepts, images, and more.

New Testament Use of the Old Testament

The New Testament Use of the Old Testament interactive lets you explore how New Testament authors cite, quote, allude to, or echo Old Testament texts.

Text Comparison

Compare any Bible translations side by side or stacked on top of one another; mark differences automatically.


Explore Scripture in its historical context with the Timeline. Filter results by locations, people, events, and more.


Connect Bible stories with their geography. Get scalable maps marked with ancient sites and cities, and zoom in and out to reveal more information.

New Testament Propositional Flow Outlines

Reformat Bible text into an outline labeling the purpose of each line in the Greek New Testament.

Bible Text Only

Read the Bible in its original format. This visual filter toggles chapter and verse numbers on and off so you can read Scripture as an extended narrative, without intrusions.

Names of God

With the Names of God interactive, you can find every name used to refer to God and where each occurs in the Old and New Testaments.

Commandments of the Law

The Commandments of the Law interactive allows you to group the 613 commandments into various categories—State, People, Category, etc.—and track down specific types of laws.

Miracles of the Bible

The Miracles of the Bible interactive allows you to sort miracles into categories including type (healing, provision, resurrection, etc.), people involved, location, and book of the Bible.

Old Testament Propositional Flow Outlines

Reformat Bible text into a flow outline that labels the purpose of each line in the Old Testament.

Figurative Language

Examine the figurative use of a biblical word, phrase, or concept. Find every place in which “light” is used as a metaphor.

Sentence Types of the NT

Instantly find every imperative, interrogative, or declarative sentence within the New Testament so you can locate where Jesus gives a commands, asks questions, or makes assertions.

Speech Acts of the NT

Search not just form but meaning; find rhetorical questions, personal pledges, and other precise kinds of speech acts.

Bible Book Guides

Learn about the authorship, genre, setting, form, content, and more for every book in the Bible.

Ancient Literature

Explore the Bible’s background by connecting Scripture to ancient literature. Connect the texts based on references, allusions, and shared themes.

Cultural Concepts

Reveal cultural concepts in Scripture, including religious activities, food, music, death practices, marriage rituals, economic structures, and more.

Literary Typing

See the literary genre of every verse or passage, including genres like poetry, narrative, Gospel, and more.

Ancient Inscriptions

Evidence of the biblical world is scattered throughout ancient locations. This interactive resource lets you explore these locations with animated maps.

Proverbs Explorer

Filter Proverbs by people, form, theme, or topic. Browse topics that interest you, then sort the Proverbs that address that topic for easy skimming.

Psalm Explorer

Find answers in the Psalms—fast. Filter the Psalms by author, genre, theme, and more, and reveal the poetic structure of Hebrew poetry.

Everything Search

Search your entire library with a click. This tool combines all your high-powered search tools, giving you everything you need to start your study.

Counting the 10 Commandments

With this Interactive Infographic you can explore and compare how different groups interpret the Ten Commandments.

Speaking to God

We can learn a lot from the prayers of the Bible. The Speaking to God interactive displays every conversation with God in the Bible.

Context Menu

Right click any text selection for a list of key features and data. From there, you can build slides, display lemmas, see cultural themes, and more.

Cited By

Instantly find any resource in your library that refers to the biblical passage or other ancient source you’re reading.

Information Panel

Get an instant overview of any biblical word’s usage and translation without leaving your Bible.

Corresponding Selection

When you’re reading an English Bible and a Greek Bible side by side, highlight a phrase in the English text and see it lit up in the Greek.

Factbook Notable People

Access key information on Bible characters and theologians. See short biographies, famous quotes, important works, key events, and more.


Get instant Bible facts, cross-references, media, and other content related to the biblical text you’re reading.


This section of the Passage Guide pulls together all of the cross-references of a particular verse and returns a list of clickable resource links.

Parallel Passages

Some biblical events are recorded multiple times; find and compare these parallel accounts with ease by searching a verse in your Passage Guide.

Power Lookup

Automatically display and expand all visible verse references in your open book. You’ll see them all without moving your mouse.

Bible Search

Search your resources for Greek words—no Greek keyboard required.

Graph Search Results

See how many times a given work appears in the Bible (or any of its books), and graph your findings with a click.

Emphasize Active References

Understanding words and their meanings is foundational to biblical study—that’s why lexicons and Logos’ Bible Word Study tool are essential for discovering the enduring truths of biblical texts.

Preaching and Theology

Media Tool with Visual Copy

Create beautiful slides in seconds. Select any text or image and instantly convert it into an image for engaging presentations and social-media posts.

Sermon Starter Guide

Jumpstart your sermon or study session. Enter a passage or theme and get a list of related verses, commentaries, outlines, sermons, and visuals.

Sermon Collections

Explore classic sermons by your favorite pastors with ease. Search any verse, and your guide results will show all relevant sermons in your library.

Systematic Theologies

Explore what your systematic theology resources have to say about the biblical texts.

Confessional Documents

With the new Confessional Documents section in the Passage Guide, you can incorporate some of the most formative documents from church history into your Bible study.

Biblical Theology

Understand how biblical theologians have interpreted the passage you're studying and how it relates to redemptive history.

An Empty Tomb

Interactive tour of the Tomb of the Shroud located in Akeldama. Original editorial content walks through the resurrection narratives of the Gospels and features footage of Dr. Craig Evans on-site in Jerusalem.

Media Search

Get all the media you need, all in one place. With a click, search every map, image, video, infographic, and family tree—in your library and online.


New Interactive Infographics are textbook illustrations come to life. Get a front-row seat to ancient armor, temples, altars, and more!

Community Tags

Enhance your library with rich markup: tag people, places, things, and events in your resources to link similar content, and see other users’ tags, too.

Systematic Theologies Interactive

The Systematic Theologies interactive curates data on both systematic theology resources and their authors, helping you become more informed about the content of the systematic theologies and how the backgrounds of the theologians shaped their works.


Search the largest online encyclopedia within Logos. Take notes in the search panel, and copy and paste any article to automatically cite the source.

Journals Section

Search all of your scholarly journals at once. Search a verse in your guides, and get a list of search results pulled from all of your journals.

Thematic Outlines

Get outlines of the major themes in a given passage, along with cross-references, and easily insert them in a word processsor or Sermon Editor

Ask the Author

Share your thoughts and questions within individual resources, and get feedback from both fellow users and the authors themselves!

Faithlife Social Groups

Interact with your faith community within Logos! Share your findings, ask questions, and learn from others in real time.

Interactive Media

Do more engaging study with interactive tools. Learn with calculators, converters, virtual tours, interactive infographics, language tutors, and more.

Topic Guide

See what the Bible says about important issues. Connect biblical topics to key passages, articles, and profiles of related people, places, and events.

Explore over 8,000 classic works that have been scanned and turned into digital resources. With a click, add these titles to your Logos library.


Shop new resources on and download them straight to your library.

Community Notes

Ground your Christian community in the Word with shared reading plans, popular highlights, Community Notes, and more.

Logos Media

Access 3-D flyovers of biblical places, fine art, professionally designed presentation templates, beautiful Bible-verse art, and detailed infographics.

Online Media

Quickly find the best online media. Our editorial staff has preselected the best online results, so you can quickly and safely search for images.

Ancient Languages

Morph Query Builder

With new capabilities like finding agreement on case and number, this grid-based query builder makes morphological searching easier than ever.

Exegetical Guide

Know the Bible in its original languages. Perform word studies, follow complex sentences, and get comfortable with Greek and Hebrew pronunciation.

Word Senses

See all the alternate meanings of Greek, Hebrew, and English words, where they occur in Scripture, and how frequently they’re used.

Lemma in Passage

The Lemma in Passage section of the Exegetical and Bible Word Study Guides scours your library for every occurrence of the original-language lemma in the passage you want to investigate.

Morph Search

Search for original-language words by their lemma, morphological form, or surface form, and narrow your search according to your needs.

Link a Lexicon to a Bible

With this feature jump from an English translation to Greek and Hebrew lexicons with one click. Build a layout you'll come back to over and over again by linking your favorite lexicons to your English Bible.

Clause Search

Logos knows what words mean and how they’re used. Search the Bible by part or clause, and Logos brings back exactly what you’re looking for.

The Lexham Discourse Greek NT and Hebrew Bible Datasets

The Discourse Datasets and Visual filters allow you to quickly identify and search the discourse devices in the Old and New Testaments. Discourse Analysis is the study of how authors use linguistic devices to effectively communicate their message.

Lexham SGNT Syntactic Force

With this dataset, you can search any interlinear version of the Bible for the syntactic force of a word

Greek Grammatical Constructions

This new dataset identifies grammatical constructions in the New Testament and finds other occurrences of the construction in the Bible.

Reader's Edition Interlinear

Our new Reader's Edition Interlinear lets you customize any original-language interlinear text according to your needs. Hide words according to frequency, leaving only the words you haven't learned.

Bullinger’s Figures of Speech

For over 100 years, countless biblical interpreters have relied on Bullinger’s Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated. But its sheer breadth makes it difficult to use.

New Testament Manuscript Explorer

The NT Manuscript Explorer transforms text-critical notations and details about NT manuscripts into a helpful interactive tool that enables you to navigate, sort, and filter countless manuscript witnesses to the text of the NT.

Exploring Biblical Manuscripts

Explore the rich history of biblical manuscripts. Interactive slide deck on ancient writing practices, the transmission of biblical texts, and a special look at some of the most important biblical manuscripts available.

Corresponding Words

The new Corresponding Words Visual Filter instantly identifies everywhere repetition occurs within any of your resources.

Emphasize Active Lemmas

With this visual filter, open a lexicon to a Greek or Hebrew word, and instantly highlight where it occurs on the page in your Bible.

Textual Variants

Explore differences across ancient Bible translations. Get commentaries, manuscripts, modern editions, and ancient versions all in one place.

Clause Participants

Explore Scripture’s underlying meaning: discover where people, places, and things occur in a clause both grammatically and semantically.

Semantic Roles and Case Frames

Go beyond simple grammar: see the semantic role, or underlying relationship, a participant has with a verb, even if it’s not mentioned by name.

Text Converter

Convert Greek and Hebrew text in seconds! Just copy and paste the text and the Text Converter transforms it into a variety of transliteration schemes.

Lexicon Alignment

Restructure your lexicons into an easy-to-read outline, so you get the information you need fast.

Reverse Interlinears

See word-by-word comparisons across translations, and access Strong’s numbers, the Bible Sense Lexicon, and Bible Word Study with just a click.

Greek and Hebrew Alphabet Tutors

Learn to write and pronounce Greek and Hebrew, and get scores on your accuracy so you always know how to improve.

Morph Charts

Enter a lemma, and Morph Chart populates an easy-to-read chart that shows all the forms of that lemma in the New Testament, as well as their frequency.

Septuagint Manuscript Explorer

With the Septuagint Manuscript Explorer, we’ve gathered together information about existing Septuagint manuscripts, including their contents, date, language, holding institute, and more.

Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer

Understand the textual transmission of the Old Testament with the Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer. In a glance, see all the extant Hebrew manuscripts and filter by date, contents, holding institute, and more.

Septuagint Apocrypha Syntax Search

The Septuagint Apocrypha Syntax Search is a syntactic analysis of the entire Greek text of the LXX Deuterocanon and Apocrypha using The Old Testament in Greek edited by Henry Barclay Swete.

Bible Word Study Guide

See any biblical word’s roots and meanings. Explore graphs detailing your word’s usage, translation, etymology, and connection to other words.

Bible Sense Lexicon

See how word meanings relate, and identify the contextual meanings of Greek and Hebrew words.

Hebrew Grammatical Constructions

Grammatical constructions from multiple research grammars of Biblical Hebrew, collected into a single, searchable dataset. Find every occurrence of particular grammatical constructions in the Hebrew Bible.


Learn to pronounce biblical Greek and Hebrew with helpful pronunciation sound clips.

Word Root

This section of the Bible Word Study tool helps you better understand Greek and Hebrew by showing similar words that share the same root.

Septuagint Translation Ring

See the Septuagint translation of biblical words in your Bible Word Study tool, so you can explore how the word was used in an older translation.

Word by Word

See a word-by-word breakdown of every Bible passage in your Exegetical Guide, including its voice, case, mood, tense, senses, and alternative translations.

Prepositional Use

This section of the Bible Word Study tool shows all the occurrences where your selected word is used with a preposition in an interactive graph.

Interlinear Explorers

Do better Greek and Hebrew study—without the degree. Learn to use interlinears and reverse interlinears with interactive, step-by-step tutorials.

Hebrew Cantillation

Cantillation marks group together Hebrew text, so whether you’re reading the text aloud or to yourself, you’ll see how words and phrases fit together.

Syntax Search

Search for specific original-language words without typing in Greek or Hebrew. No need to know the words’ linguistic forms—or even what they’re called.

Passage Analysis

See on-the-spot graphs and word charts explaining any Bible passage and how that passage differs between translations.



Notes now come with spellcheck! You can also now attach the same note to multiple places across your library.


Save time with custom layouts that fit your workflow. Study English translations alongside original texts, and scroll them in sync.

Multiview Resources

Add multiple translations of the Bible or even commentaries in the same panel with the Multiview Resources tool.

Corresponding Notes and Highlights

With Corresponding Notes, you can now see all the notes you've attached to biblical texts with reverse interlinears.

Reading Plans

Reading plans are now fully customizable! Create new plans for class or Bible study, and share them with your friends and colleagues.

Custom Guides

Create your perfect guide with ease. Pick and choose your favorite parts from each guide, and combine them into a custom guide.

Quickstart Layouts

Save time with Logos 7 QuickStart Layouts, designed to streamline your study of key objectives like Greek Word Studies or devotional readings. Choose from a wide range of layouts that bring together the right guides, resources, and interactive tools to get the job done.

Passage Lists Visual Filter

Now you can view your Passage Lists as a visual filter within the biblical text. Expose only the verses you want to study—even if they aren’t a part of the same biblical book.

Custom Homepage Layouts

Customizing your Logos workspace is essential for efficient study. Now you can save your favorite workspace as a layout to be launched right from the homepage


Add searchable and shareable labels to your notes and highlights, so you can connect ideas across your library and share your findings with others.

Inline Search

Do smart searches—in English, Greek, and Hebrew—within your Bible. Inline Search transforms your reverse interlinear into a powerful search tool.

Word Lists

Discover recurring themes or subjects throughout a biblical passage by counting Greek and Hebrew words in a chapter or section.


Start typing a word and get suggestions for interesting areas of study, so you always have new concepts to explore.

Personal Books

Add personal books to your library, include them in collections, and search them alongside your Logos books.

Scripture Memory Tool

Commit your favorite passages to memory. Logos 7’s tools make it easy to memorize any portion of Scripture.


Create personalized book collections, and your Passage Guide will include a section of results only pulled from your collections.

Automatic Citation

Logos 7 builds your bibliography for you. Copy and paste from any Logos resource, and your sources are cited for you in the style of your choice.


Highlight any text in any resource with a variety of colors and styles.


Preview your books before you open them, sort your library by importance, and search by description or bibliographic data.

Prayer List

Get prayer reminders, and make them the first thing you see on your Logos 7 homepage.

Sentence Diagrams

Create new English, Greek, or Hebrew sentence diagrams for your presentation or research paper.

Bibliography Builder

Logos 7 builds your bibliography for you. When you’re done studying, Logos instantly creates a bibliography you can annotate and export.


Leave bookmarks in your text, and keep reading where you left off.


Create your own shortcuts, or use Logos’ shortcuts to make highlighting, bookmarking, and saving documents simple.


Share documents between machines, recover deleted documents, and redownload resources—Logos 7 instantly backs up your data.


Store excerpts from your resources to use later. Select the text, then either right-click on it or drag it to your Clippings document to save it.

Document Sharing

Save your Logos documents online and access them anywhere. You can also share these documents with others.


See your favorite translations, dictionaries, and commentaries at the top of your search results.

Word Find Puzzle

Puzzles are a fun way to remember key words and expand your vocabulary. Use these to take a break from your study or share in Sunday school.

Read Aloud

Hear any Logos resource read aloud in a library that’s accessible to anyone, anywhere.


Manage your homepage content, control your layout, display your daily readings or favorite lectionary, and stay on track with your reading plans.

Resources Pane

When you want to just read, you’ll see your book in full screen, free of distractions.

Visual Filters

Toggle visual filters to show Community Notes, speaker tags, notes, and chapter and page numbers in your open resources.

Lifetime License

Never stop learning with Logos’ lifetime license for all your resources and software.


Connect similar concepts and resources across your library. View verse references on mouseover and open cross-references with a click.


Get smarter, more precise search results with Logos 7.

Command Box

Get instant access to Logos tools and execute specific demands. Perform searches, open resources, change settings, or execute tools.