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Students Rich in the Word

How Bethlehem College and Seminary Equips for a Lifetime of Discovery






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Bethlehem College and Seminary furthers ministry around the world by preparing men and women for a life of service to the Lord. They “seek to teach students to read closely, understand accurately, and believe thoroughly the greatest book, God’s inerrant word, the Bible.”

One tool they’ve chosen to help them accomplish this goal and others is the Logos Bible study platform.

Goodbye, Google

In 2019, a faculty committee met to review Bible software options. They wanted to stop the trend of Google being a research tool of choice—one many students turned to because they didn’t have the ample resources others did.

This problem came to light especially in Cameroon, one of Bethlehem’s extension sites. A large physical library there wasn’t feasible, yet students still needed access to ample theological resources.

Another reason for adopting Bible software? “We wanted students to have access to key original language resources and opportunities to develop their libraries over time,” said Brian Tabb, Interim President, Academic Dean and Professor of Biblical Studies.

So the reasons for selecting a Bible software were clear. But why Logos?

  • With over 120,000 volumes available in Logos, faculty knew they could find what they needed to equip their students.
  • Bethlehem could evaluate which resources were most essential and curate packages to meet their specific needs.
  • Since a majority of the faculty committee had been longtime users of Logos, they knew from experience how beneficial it was for Bible study and sermon preparation.

Each of Bethlehem’s students now receive Logos—MDiv students as a part of their tuition and those in other programs through a modest technology fee.

United in purpose and practice

Because the entire school is standardized on one Bible software platform, students have the original language tools they need to mine the riches of Scripture in the classroom and beyond.

What does that look like in practice?

When students learn to do a Bible word study, they learn to do it in Logos. Many other tasks also become second nature in Logos:

  • Comparing Bible translations
  • Referencing interlinears
  • Highlighting words, phrases, and passages in Greek and Hebrew
  • Setting up a digital workspace with layouts and class notebooks
  • Accessing searchable, interlinked key lexicons, dictionaries, and other resources from the curated library

Searching the Scriptures—for life

Each student’s Logos software is theirs forever, and it isn’t like a college textbook that’s sold as soon as the semester ends or left to gather dust on a shelf. Instead, graduates can use it to meet their needs throughout each era of life and ministry.

Lifelong learning with Logos becomes a reality for so many students in part because it gives them the confidence that they can do Bible study and research like their professors. It helps them keep up with their proficiency in Bible languages long after they’ve graduated. And it gives them a way to do in-depth study and sermon preparation from anywhere, no matter where their ministry takes them.

As Bethlehem continues to grow, one thing is for sure: its students will continue to grow in the Word.

“Logos software is phenomenal mainly, in my mind, for its incredible library and what you can do with it. . . .”

—John Piper, Founder and Teacher of Desiring God

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