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Solutions for Bible Colleges & Seminaries

Equipping Students for a Lifetime of Ministry

Logos empowers your students with digital textbooks today—and for long after they've graduated.

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Partnership Solutions Aligned with Your Vision of Student Success

Logos Inclusive Access

Deliver your students' textbooks on day 1 of class through your school's learning management system. Guarantee that they have access to high-quality resources for study and devotion throughout the semester—and for the rest of their lives.

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Logos Custom Library

Build a custom library of digital resources that equip your students and align with your mission. Assembling a research archive this vast can cost a fortune, but partnering with Logos puts the best resources within reach for any institution.

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Logos Is the Most Powerful Platform for Studying Scripture


Handle Languages Responsibly

Help your students go deeper with the Word by giving them access to Logos's advanced biblical language tools. Students can explore Scripture with Greek and Hebrew word studies as well as visuals and resources for understanding linguistic nuances and word relationships.

Spend Less Time Editing Citations

Make excellent research easier with Logos's automatic citations. Students can automatically cite Logos resources by pasting a quote into a document and build an exportable bibliography from Logos.

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Find Flow with Logos

Refer students to built-in workflows for different types of study, or design your own for your students to follow as they learn to handle Scripture with care.

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Amplify the Power of Print

Scan print books' ISBN with a phone or tablet to instantly be able to search them in Logos. By extending the power of physical books, Logos enables you to search and study like never before. *Comes in the Full feature set.

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