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Mission-Aligned Solutions for Your School

We offer a range of ways to partner with Logos. Choose the right package for your organization by working with our team to help you assess your needs, budget, and other considerations.

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Logos Inclusive Access

Deliver students' course materials—on or before the first day of class

Our platform integrates with your LMS to digitally provide students with their textbooks on day 1 of class (or earlier), all for a flat per-class fee. And each student receives Logos for life, including lifetime access to learning materials and resources in your school's Logos library to support their academic study and private devotion.


It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Take the Word

Empower students for personal Bible study and academic research by giving them quality resources they can access whenever they need. With the Logos app on desktop, mobile, and web, students can open the Bible or their books anywhere on any device. Logos puts the immense blessing of today's biblical resources in your students' pockets—for life.

Make a Lasting Impact with Your Courses

Help students connect Bible truths they learn in class to everyday life. With Logos Inclusive Access, everyone has the texts they need to succeed from day 1 of class (or earlier), and they can carry those books with them for life.

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Put the Right Tools in Their Hands Today

Logos supercharges students' learning experience by providing powerful search capabilities, custom step-by-step study helps, and tools for better research and citations. With Logos, students will be able to produce better academic work by relying on resources and tools you can trust.

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Start Small before You Grow

Change can be scary, even when the need to change is crystal clear. That's why we focus on tailoring our academic solutions to your situation. We'll help you find the best path forward, even if that means you test it by piloting Inclusive Access in a single class next semester.

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Logos Integrates with Your LMS

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Logos Custom Library

Let's build a library together

Tailor your institution's digital resources to align with your vision, values, and course list. Students (and faculty!) keep access to the digital library for life, empowering them to search and study the Scriptures in their daily lives.


Rooted in the Word for Life

With Logos, students get to keep their books and Bible study tools long after they've graduated, equipping them to go deeper with the words, events, and ideas found in God's Word.

Resources You Trust

Craft the book list that's right for you, and secure these books through our partnerships with top Christian publishers. Students can search these texts in Logos and cite them automatically, increasing both the ease of study and the quality of their work.

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Start Building a Partnership Today

Logos has been developing tech for Bible study for over 30 years. We've served over 6 million users in 7 languages, and we partner with over 200 institutions like yours to see more people deepening their relationship with God through an encounter with Scripture.

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Logos Research Subscription

Take your research to the next level.

Let us help you expand your student and faculty research capabilities with access to Logos's vast digital resource library.


The Resources Students Need to Succeed

The Logos Research Subscription puts the latest scholarly resources and powerful Logos technology into the hands of your students while they are enrolled with you.

Meet (& Exceed!) Your Accreditation Needs

Amplify the impact of your library by providing students and faculty with a vast archive of digital resources available instantly through the Logos app. We can help you meet your accreditation needs and better serve distance education students, all at an attainable price.

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We're on a Mission with You

We partner with you in your mission to form Christian disciples rooted in God's Word and equipped to serve God's kingdom. From our sales to our support, we aim to serve your students and faculty as they journey deeper into Scripture.

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All on Our State-of-the-Art Platform

With the Logos platform, research and learning aren't just faster and easier—they're more fruitful. Put this powerful tool in the hands of your students and faculty today.

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