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Solutions for Christian Colleges & Universities

Bring Scripture to Every Aspect of Life

Christian formation is more than just a Bible class—it's teaching students how to apply Scripture to their everyday life. The Logos platform grows and stays with them, providing the digital textbooks they need for class and for years to come.

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We're Logos (You Might Have Heard of Us)

Logos launched our first Bible study app in 1992, and today we serve over 6 million users and more than 200 institutions. We're guided by the conviction that a deeper relationship with God starts with knowing his Word. We partner with schools like yours to deliver the best tools and the highest-quality resources to students, faculty, and administration who want to understand Scripture more deeply.

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How We Partner with You

Let's face it—textbook delivery doesn't always go smoothly. Students get books late or order the wrong editions, use low quality sources, or submit simplistic or poorly cited research.

We partner with you to set your students and faculty up for success. Logos integrates with your LMS so you can ensure the right digital textbooks delivered to your students on or before the first day of class. The Logos platform gives your students advanced research tools and access to a custom library we build with you.

On Our State-of-the-Art Platform


Handle Languages Responsibly

Help your students go deeper with the Word by giving them access to Logos’s advanced biblical language tools. Students can explore Scripture with Greek and Hebrew word studies as well as visuals and resources for understanding linguistic nuances and word relationships.

Spend Less Time Fixing Citations

Make excellent research easier with Logos’s automatic citations. Students can automatically cite Logos resources by pasting a quote into a document and build an exportable bibliography from Logos.

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Get To The Facts

Students can use Logos tools to quickly discover facts about relevant biblical figures or events, theological concepts, church history, and much more—all without having to leave the text or resource they are currently viewing in the platform.

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Find Flow with Logos

Refer students to built-in workflows for different types of study or design your own for your students to follow as they learn to handle Scripture with care.

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