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Get more than 500 sermons from D.A. Carson—including a transcript and audio presentation of each sermon. Some sermons include bonus video content. Search for specific biblical passages or topics and listen to Carson discuss them while following along with your text version of the sermon. This unique combination allows you to interact with Carson as he presents material spanning three decades that includes series on entire books of the Bible, including Ezekiel, John, Philippians, and Revelation; on theological topics, such as the New Perspective on Paul, openness theology, and providence; and on practical issues such as suffering, discipleship, and cross-cultural ministry. Preached in churches, colleges, and at conferences around the world, these sermons provide instruction and edification from a preeminent evangelical voice deeply committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Logos D.A. Carson Sermon Archive equips you for better study with cutting-edge functionality and features. Citations link directly to English translations and original-language texts, and important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. The Topic Guide lets you perform powerful searches to instantly gather relevant biblical texts and resources. Tablet and mobile apps let you take the discussion with you. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.

Be sure to pick up Carson’s Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament.

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Key Features

  • Gain access to more than 500 sermons from D.A. Carson
  • Includes a manuscript and either a audio or video component for every sermon
  • Search by biblical passage or topic and listen to Carson speak about it
  • Presents material spanning nearly three decades

Sermon Series Include:

  • 1994 Conference
  • 2003 Founders Conference
  • A Day with Dr. Don: It's All About Jesus (Mars Hill Church in Seattle)
  • A Light Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
  • Back to Basics: Studies in 1 John
  • Basic Baptist Beliefs
  • Bethlehem Baptist Church
  • Chosen by God
  • Christ-expo: How Can We Believe?
  • Christian Life Conference
  • Christmas at the Castle
  • Clarus Conference
  • College Church (Wheaton)
  • Connecting Evangelism and Ministry (Australia)
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Desiring God Pastors Conference
  • Enjoying God (New Horizon 2009 in Northern Ireland)
  • Equipped to Serve
  • Evangelical Ministry Assembly
  • Evangelistic Addresses
  • Evangelizing Postmoderns
  • For Christian Men
  • Grace Ministers’ Conferences (Escom Midrand, South Africa)
  • J.B. Gray Lectures at Southern Seminary
  • Jesus Is Better: Six Studies in Hebrews
  • Katoomba Christian Conference Centenary (Sydney, Australia)
  • Making Sense of Suffering
  • Missions as the Triumph of the Lamb (RTS)
  • More Principles of Bible Interpretation
  • Nehemiah: The Triumph and Failure of Reformation
  • Openness of God Theology
  • Paul Speaks to Pastors
  • Portraits of Jesus in John’s Gospel
  • Prayer and Mission
  • Praying with Paul
  • Preaching and Biblical, Systematic, Historical, and Pastoral Theology
  • Preaching the Psalms
  • Pressing On: Studies in 1 Peter
  • Reaching an Untouched Generation
  • Revelation
  • Sacred and Sure
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Showing the Spirit
  • Some Turning Points in Redemptive History
  • Studies in Ezekiel
  • Studies in Philippians
  • Summer at the Castle
  • TEDS Commencement Address
  • Temptation
  • TGC Los Angeles Conference 2010
  • The God Who Is There
  • The Gospel Coalition 2009 National Conference
  • The Gospel Coalition 2011 National Conference
  • The Gospel Coalition 2013 National Conference
  • The Holiness of God: 2009 National Conference (Ligonier Ministries)
  • The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts
  • The Interpretation of the Bible in a Postmodern World
  • The Nashville Conference on the Church and Theology
  • The New Perspective on Paul
  • The Olivet Discourse
  • The Pastor as Father and Son (2008 Desiring God Conference)
  • The Pastor as Scholar and the Scholar as Pastor
  • The Promised Holy Spirit
  • The Spirituality of the Gospel of John
  • UCCF Staff Training Conference (Jan 5–8, 2009)
  • Whitefield Luncheon (Moody Church)
  • Word Within the Word
  • Workshop of Biblical Exposition (Simeon Trust)
  • The Primacy of Expository Preaching
  • Christ and Post-Modernity
  • Community and the Cross
  • The Intolerance of Tolerance
  • The Use of the OT in the NT

Video Sermons Include:

  • The Ironies of the Cross (Matthew 27:27-51)
  • The Parable of the Talents
  • A Miracle Full of Surprises (John 11)
  • Why Doubt the Resurrection of Jesus (John 20:24-31)
  • The Center of the Whole Bible (Romans 3:21-26) (Part 1 of 5)
  • Leaders Who Build Church Doctrine
  • Session 10
  • What Is the Gospel?
  • What Is the Church?
  • Leaders Who Build Church Lifestyle
  • Living and Serving in Light of the End
  • Preserving the Gospel and Gospel Churches
  • The Strange Triumph of a Slaughtered Lamb (Revelation 12) (Part 2 of 5)
  • Only One Life
  • Only One Life – Q&A with Mark O'Donoghue
  • Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

Product Details

  • Title: D.A. Carson Sermon Archive
  • Author: D.A. Carson
  • Number of Sermons: 553
  • Christian Group: Reformed, Baptist
  • Resource Type: Sermons
  • Format: Text, Audio/Video
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About D.A. Carson

D.A. Carson (b. 1946) is one of the most respected New Testament scholars in the world. A respected teacher, author, and speaker, he is currently research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and the president of The Gospel Coalition.

He has served as pastor of Richmond Baptist Church and as the first dean of the seminary of Northwest Baptist Theological College, now known as Northwest Baptist Seminary. Carson lectures in academic and church settings around the world, and is the author of more than 50 books, including Exegetical Fallacies, The Farewell Discourse and Final Prayer of Jesus: An Exposition of John 14–17, and Showing the Spirit: A Theological Exposition of 1 Corinthians 12–14. He is the editor of the Pillar New Testament Commentary series, and was coeditor of the Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament with G.K. Beale, and the Studies in New Testament Greek series with Stanley Porter.


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    Highly recommend this collection! It's almost like having a set of commentaries by Carson, whereby you can search through for almost any passage or topic and come across various hits. Very helpful for sermon prep.

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    The content is good, but it has been released in a very messy state by Faithlife. I will update my review if this is changed.

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    Looking forward to receiving this!

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    You all probably received this email: This product is scheduled to ship on 12/19/2016

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    I suppose everyone's pretty busy with the Logos 7 release right now....but surely there's 'Update Hope' for surely our God is the God of Hope.

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  44. Reid A Ferguson
    It is not hard to give this project 5 stars before it is released, and that for several reasons. 1. I have profited so greatly from print works of Dr. Carson's over the years. Exegetical Fallacies, Commentary on the Gospel of John, Showing the Spirit, Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament, etc. 2. I have downloaded so many of his recorded series over the years - especially those on hermeneutics and lectures on the Apocalypse of John. 3. Countless articles and monographs in various publications. 4. Last, but certainly not least, he was gracious enough to be part of conference we held sponsored by our own Church small church in upstate NY. Not exactly a stellar venue. Spending those few hours with him over the 3 days he was here did nothing but open up his heart for the local Church, his generosity in sharing his prodigious learning and his pulpit ministry all in a context of personal humility and Christ exalting focus. I will remember it as a highlight in my own life. I have been blessed by the man, better instructed in studying God's Word, challenged to pursue godliness, and led to adore my Savior more. So I will jump on this the moment it is available.

  45. John E. Botkin
    My 5 stars is based on two things: 1) My previous experience purchasing sermon archive sets at Logos, and 2) My previous experience listening to D.A. Carson preach. The sets integrate well and are presented in a nice layout that make it easy to read for personal devotion or study for other projects. Carson himself is a wonderful theologian with a pastor's heart. He knows how to apply the deepest parts of Scripture in ways that hit the average believer. I've been listening to his sermons and talks for over 15 years. This will be gold.

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    Does this appear as one resource in my library, or is each sermon and additional resource? Are audio/video incorporated into the same resource?

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    I agree with you Wild Eagle. 1 star for a guy he knows nothing about hardly seems accurate and can mislead a person to believe the speaker is a bozo? It is about content first and foremost. Carson has maintained Christian integrity (unlike the other liberal poo-poo that comes out of Canada) I understand what Ken is saying, but a package by Logos will probably be consistent with all of the other material they sell. Formatted? Manuscript? Points? (Me thinks Myke is thinking too hard about a simple matter.) You get copies of Carson's articles if you pay. Carson is agreeing to release protections on his property to Logos. Myke says "....I wont be buying any." Well, OK. But in the meantime, do your homework and research before you throw Carson. Be grateful that we still have some men on the planet with Christian conviction. Would you rather have Roman Catholic heresy or Benny Sin, whoops, typo, Hinn's material? Sorry to ramble. Here are two sources/links to Carson. One article on the Emerging church movement and then a site containing numerous MP3 of Carson's sermons.

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    Really looking forward to this, and the addition of audio and video sound brilliant :) Have heard sermons from DA Carson and they have always been brilliant.

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